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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LiveMint + Wall Street Journal Free trial offer?

In LiveMint + Wall Street Journal offer, all Airtel Postpaid customers who are on Rs 499 and above rental plans are eligible to avail the Free 3 month subscription of LiveMint + Wall Street Journal, worth Rs 999 To avail the offer, all you need to do is click on the offer banner on Airtel Thanks App, create an account, fill in your details and claim the free subscription.

I’m not an Airtel customer. Can I still claim the offer?

This offer is available only for Airtel Platinum Postpaid customers, who are on Rs 499 or above rental plans. But don't worry, if you are not on Airtel postpaid yet, you can simply join us from the comfort of your home and claim the offer. To switch to Airtel postpaid, click here.

I’m an Airtel prepaid customer. Can I claim the offer?

This offer is available only for Airtel Platinum Postpaid customers, who are on Rs 499 or above rental plans. To enjoy this offer, you can upgrade to Airtel Platinum Postpaid. To upgrade now, click here

Do I have to register to claim the offer benefits?

Yes. To avail this offer, you will have to create an account on LiveMint. You can even sign-in through your Google, Facebook or Apple accounts or simply register through your Airtel Postpaid number. You would have to register your debit/credit card and make a confirmation payment of just Re 1, to finally avail this offer.

Is the subscription accessible through mobile phones only or can I also access it through my laptop?

The subscription is accessible through mobile phones, laptops as well as tablets. Activation of subscription is also possible from either of these.

Does my subscription get activated immediately after I claim it?

Yes, you can immediately start accessing the Wall Street Journal & LiveMint apps and websites after you complete the subscription process.

Can I activate this offer and use it later?

No. Once you activate this offer, your 3 months subscription period starts and it cannot be paused or shifted. It will end after 3-months of activation.

What are the other benefits of this offer?

The offer gives you a 3-month free subscription of the Wall Street Journal and LiveMint platforms worth Rs 999. Alongside this, you keep getting your main pack benefits of calling, data, SMS etc. as applicable in your mobile plan.

Does this offer contain all the content on The Wall Street Journal & LiveMint?

This offer contains all the benefits of the subscription that one would receive from the subscription from the Wall Street Journal or LiveMint directly. There is no difference between content, neither is it any lesser.

Where can I see the details of the offer?

The offer will reflect in your Mint account on their website/app.

Will I have to download a separate app for accessing my subscription?

No, you need not download an app necessarily. You can access all the content through the Wall Street Journal & Livemint websites. However, there is an option of downloading the app if you want for your convenience.

How will I know that my offer has been activated?

Post the activation, you will get a confirmation mail from Airtel that the free 90 days access has been opened for you. You will also see a ‘Start reading’ tab which would redirect you to the Livemint portal. You will also get a separate mail from The Wall Street Journal for activating the subscription and you will be required to create an account on WSJ as well. It is advisable to use the same credentials as used while creating your account on MINT.

How many times can I claim this offer?

You can claim this offer only once.

I completed the activation process but I still cannot access the Wall Street Journal or LiveMint Content.

Thanks for sharing your concern with us. Activation of subscription may take a couple of hours in a certain cases, so please be patient. If you are still not able to access it within 24 hours, please reach out to Livemint’s customer care on this email id - customerservice@hindustantimes.com

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions of this offer?

You can access the complete terms and conditions of the offer here.