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account types



Use upto Rs50,000/day


Use upto Rs20,000/month

Maximum Balance Rs1,00,000 Rs20,000
Minimum Balance N/A N/A
Maximum Load Cash** Rs14,99,970/month Rs20,000/month
Minimum Load Cash Rs10 Rs10
Transactions (Spend, Send
& Withdraw)
Allowed Transactions Spend & Save Spend & Save
Maximum Transactions Rs50,000/day (includes a maximum sending limit of Rs25,000/month) Rs20,000/month
Maximum Amount/Transaction
on *400#
Rs5,000 Rs5,000
Maximum Amount/Transaction
on other channels*
Rs50,000 Rs20,000
Minimum Amount/Transaction Rs10 Rs10
Interest Earned None None
Transactions (Limit on number
of transaction)
Limits on count of transactions 40 transactions/day
150 transactions/month
30 transactions/day
150 transactions/month
Limits on count of bill payment 20/month 20/month

Please note:

*The channels are: 1) App 2) Website 3) USSD (Dial *400# from your Airtel Mobile Number) 4) Interactive Voice Response (Dial 400 from your Airtel Mobile Number or 8800688006 from other)

Charges mentioned above are pertaining to Airtel Money, and not to Airtel Payments Bank’s Savings Account. To know the charges for Airtel Payments Bank, please click here.


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