Airtel Postpaid FAQs

1) Which is the best postpaid plan?

The answer would depend upon the usage that you have since most postpaid plans have unlimited calling, daily texts, and a bundle of data that you get monthly with rollover. You can choose the one that fits your needs.


2) How to switch to Airtel 4G SIM?

You can switch to Airtel 4G SIM easily by registering your details to receive the new Airtel 4G SIM at your address. The new SIM will be sent to you soon, which will also have instructions on how to activate the SIM with your number.


3) How to switch from Airtel Prepaid to Postpaid?

To switch from Airtel prepaid to Airtel postpaid, all that you need to do is go to the Airtel website, click on the Prepaid dropdown and then click on theSwitch prepaid to postpaid page”. For the same, you can also visit at. Once you choose the plan that you would like to opt for and fill up all your details on the form. Post verification, your plan will automatically be converted to Airtel postpaid in 1-2 business days.


4) How to switch to Airtel?

You can switch to Airtel Postpaid in 3 easy steps.

  • Select the plan that you want to opt for here
  • Get KYC done by the Airtel representative who will visit your home and deliver the SIM
  • Insert the activated SIM

5) How to pay the Airtel postpaid bill after porting?

After porting into Airtel postpaid, you can pay the bill like any regular postpaid number. Once the bill has been generated you can pay it through the Airtel Thanks App. You can simply click on the Postpaid account you want to pay for, and proceed with the payment instructions.


6) How to activate Airtel postpaid SIM after porting?

Once the doorstep KYC has been completed for your number, you need to wait for some time. You will receive the message on your alternate number that porting has been successfully done. You need to insert the new Airtel SIM and call 59059 for tele-verification.


7) How do I swap my Airtel SIM?

To swap your SIM, send the SMS ‘SIM’<20 digit SIM card number of your new SIM> to 121. You will get a confirmation message and you need to press 1 to confirm. Your new SIM will be activated shortly and your old SIM will stop receiving signals.


8) How can I port to Airtel Postpaid?

To port to Airtel postpaid, simply go to the Airtel Website and select “Buy Now”. Fill up all the details on the form to schedule Doorstep KYC and SIM delivery. An Airtel representative will visit you at your home. You would also need to provide KYC documents and porting code which you can generate by sending PORT to 1900.


9) Is porting to Airtel free?

Porting to Airtel from other operators is free of charge. Even the KYC done at your doorstep and the SIM that is provided is free.


10) How to port if moving from one city to another city permanently?

You can follow the usual porting process. If you are porting to a different city within the same circle, your port request will be executed within 3 days. The porting request to cities in a different circle will take up to 5 days according to the new TRAI regulations.


11) What is postpaid?

Postpaid is a telecom service plan where you are billed a predetermined amount at the end of the month of usage. The month is called the billing cycle and may not refer to a calendar month.


12) What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid?

The main difference between prepaid and postpaid is that for the prepaid connection you recharge before the usage of the telecom services and in postpaid connection you pay after the usage.


13) How to check airtel postpaid bill?

The Airtel bill is sent through the registered email and also through an SMS to the mobile number. You can also check it on the Airtel Thanks App and the Airtel Website.


14) How to check data balance in Airtel postpaid?

You can check your data balance in the following ways:

  • Airtel Thanks App – Services section
  • Airtel Website – Manage your account
  • USSD code – Dial *121# and follow instructions

15) How to change the Airtel postpaid plan?

You can change your Airtel postpaid plan through the Airtel Thanks App. Go to the Services Section and Select your account. Then go to ‘Bills & Plan’ and then ‘My Plan’. Click on the three dots menu to access the details and change the plan.


16) How to pay the Airtel postpaid bill?

Airtel postpaid bill can be easily paid through the Airtel Thanks App. The customers can also log in to the Airtel Website and make the payment or use the Airtel Payments Bank to pay the bills.


17) How to activate Airtel postpaid SIM?

Airtel postpaid SIM can be activated by calling the tele-verification number 59059 after you have inserted your new Airtel SIM into the device. You need to wait for the Network signals to show up before making the call.


18) How to download the Airtel postpaid bill?

To download your Airtel postpaid bill, simply log into the Airtel Thanks App and go the Services tab. Choose the account and then go to ‘Bill & Plan’ to view your bills. Click on ‘Detailed Bill’ to download the bill to your device.


19) How to deactivate Airtel postpaid SIM?

To deactivate an Airtel postpaid SIM, you can clear the outstanding dues and send an email to or call the dedicated helpline 1800-103-0405 to file a request for termination.


20) How to get call details of Airtel postpaid number?

You can download the Airtel postpaid itemized bill from the Airtel Thanks App which will have all the details of the services that you have used including your outgoing calls. You can also get a copy through customer care.


21) How to check the Airtel postpaid plan?

You can check the available postpaid plans by selecting your city and then browsing through the plans on the Airtel website postpaid page.


22) Which is the best postpaid plan?

The answer would depend upon the usage that you have since most postpaid plans have unlimited calling, daily texts, and a bundle of data that you get monthly with rollover. You can choose the one that fits your needs.


23) How can I get a postpaid connection?

You can buy a new postpaid connection by choosing a plan on the Airtel Postpaid connections page. You will be asked to provide your address for the doorstep KYC and SIM delivery after which your number will be activated.


24) Is Airtel postpaid good?

Airtel postpaid is amongst the most popular and well-reviewed telecom connections in the country. With millions of satisfied customers, it has a strong focus on the delivery of great telecom services.