While India boasts of a trillion-dollar economy, plastic money is still a relatively new concept here, with the market penetration in single digits. With a population of over 100 crore, only 2.8% own a credit card. Security issues and reluctance while using it is a challenge that has been found in many.


With the world going online, payments have also become digital. From In-app purchases to online shopping, most of these need online payments. It is imperative for businesses to bridge this gap and reach out to users, offering them a more convenient way to pay for the services.


Airtel understands this need and has found out a way to connect with your potential base in a more reliable manner. Purchasing Mobile VAS in the form of digital goods and services through Airtel’s prepaid talk-time or via their mobile operator postpaid bill is a fast and convenient way for mobile users to get access to high quality content in a single click.


Subscriber Strength

Airtel has access to over 413 plus million users across the globe.

Wider Reach

Extended pan India reach facilitating effective communication as compared to < 2% credit card users.

Airtel Mobile VAS

Availaibility of reliable and a convenient method of payment


Seamless User Experience

One click checkout for users with a dual confirmation.

Hassle Free & Secure

Zero input required, personal data is not shared, making it easier & secure for the user to use it.

Facilitate Micropayments

Payments lesser than Rs. 100 can be made quickly through mobile carrier billing because of the lower risk factor.