With new technologies coming in and businesses becoming data-driven, it has become necessary for companies to invest in services that provide that integrated solutions across voice, data, devices, and networks which are time-sensitive. While dedicated servers is a must for their business, it is also important that reaches its destination in a quick and a secured manner.


MPLS efficiently utilizes the bandwidth by sending high-priority packets sooner than the low priority ones, giving the businesses an edge in terms of communication and data transfer.


Airtel, with its vast network of fibers and partners, has helped in making communication easier and faster across the globe. The high-performance communication network established with the help of MPLS helps in high-speed data transfer with minimum leakage.

Airtel Advantage:

  • 170+ PoPs in over 25 Countries
  • 69 NNI Partners
  • 85+ Local Access Partners
  • 47 MPLS PoPs in Africa
  • 140+ MPLS PoPs in India
  • Extended MPLS network in MENA region
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Business Benefits:

  • Integrated Service Provider
  • Wide Options on Access Network
  • Established relationships with local providers
  • MPLS Cloud segregated from Internet Cloud
  • Complete Manageability through ENOC
  • Leading world class service at most affordable rates