India, the centre stage for most global commercial activities, is witnessing a lot of MNCs coming in and trying to tap the diverse markets that our country has to offer. Business expansion is a necessity and catering to different regions can be a task in itself. High-speed internet and world-class network services is need of the hour to make communication easier and less of a hassle.


Airtel’s National Long Distance (NLD) service offers seamless data and voice transmission across India with the help of robust network, touching even the remotest regions of the country. Airtel NLD offers best in class security, flexibility and lowest latency, helping organizations cater the ever growing content and application needs.

Key Highlights
  • 200G Ready & beyond (upto 400 and 600G), OTN Enabled Core- Intra-city and Inter-City OTN
  • Fiber cut resistant infrastructure: ASON with 3 path protection
  • Partnerships with many Third Party providers including IP1
  • Pan-India wireline and wireless network with Extensive manageability of fiber nodes
  • Fully managed, high quality, and reliable data transmission service across India
  • Mostly 2 NLD Points of Presence (POPs) in major cities.
Airtel Advantage
  • With Copper, Fiber, RF, 3G-4G and VSAT network, Airtel offers the highest number of access options
  • 3,00,000+ route kilometers of optical fiber cable network in India
  • 42000+ KMs OTN inter-city and 3500+ OTN intra-city
  • 45000+ KMs ASON network covering more than 60 cities
  • 45000+ TDM/packet equipments and 3600+ DWDM equipments
  • State-of-the-art Network Operation center (NOC) and 24*7 support to ensure short failover time and always available network

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