Bharti Airtel Limited Global Tax Policy

The fundamental aim of the Bharti Airtel’s tax strategy is to ensure compliance with the applicable tax legislation in all geographies in which we operate. In this context and within the social corporate responsibility framework, the company promotes responsible tax action, taking into consideration sustainable economic interests and development of the communities in which it is present, ensuring the appropriate application of good tax practices.

Compliance, Controls and Governance.

We comply with the letter and the spirit of tax requirements in every jurisdiction where we operate. Our tax professionals around the globe are committed to the highest compliance standards and are well educated in relevant tax laws and regulations. We have established robust internal controls in accordance with accounting and reporting principles and invest in new technology to continuously improve our systems. Across our businesses, we ensure oversight and governance of tax matters through rigorous internal review and approval procedures by appropriate members of Tax leadership, executive boards where appropriate, and oversight by the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, consistent with our enterprise risk management framework.


We are committed to transparency in our Tax Governance approach and our tax position. Public statements and disclosures on our tax situation and tax payments are made in accordance with the relevant domestic regulations, as well as the applicable reporting requirements according to international accounting standards and other international rules (such as IFRS, OECD Guidelines). We refrain from the utilization of any offshore secrecy jurisdictions or misusing tax structures for tax avoidance purposes. The Group’s tax planning is consistent with this responsible approach. We aim to pay an appropriate amount of tax according to where value is created in the ordinary course of business activity. Any transfer pricing is always calculated using the ‘arm’s length’ principle.

Relationship with Tax Authorities.

We endeavor to operate with consistently high accounting, tax filing and tax reporting standards. We value transparency and cooperation with tax authorities, and are committed to engaging with the tax authorities in all countries in which we operate in a professional, courteous, honest and collaborative manner regarding all tax matters. We seek to be a valued partner to governments and advocate for tax legislation that provides clarity and encourages innovation and growth.