Wi-Fi-Calling FAQ

Q1) What is Wi-Fi-Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling allows customers to make and receive calls and texts (SMS & MMS) over a Wi-Fi connection. Simply connect to an available Wi-Fi network with a Wi-Fi calling-enabled smartphone and continue to make a call or send a text as you would over a cellular connection. No separate app or log-in or number is needed.

Q2) What are the unique benefits of Wi-Fi Calling?

Where do we start? Benefits include:

  • Uses your existing phone number – no additional logins necessary
  • Call or message virtually anyone from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection
  • Available at no additional charge
  • No extra app necessary
  • Slightly better call set up time than VoLTE

Q3) Do I need a special pack to use Airtel Wi-Fi Calls?

No, your existing plan will support all the Wi-Fi Calling services.

Q4) Do I have to log into a Wi-Fi to connect?


Q5) How do I set up Wi-Fi Calling?

First connect to a Wi-Fi network on a Wi-Fi calling capable handset, update latest OS Software and switch Wi-Fi Calling On. For a seamless experience you should keep both VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling switched on.

Q6) Do I need to keep VoLTE switched on, to make a Wi-Fi Call?

Yes, for a seamless experience you should keep both VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling switched on.

Q7) Does Wi-Fi Calling go against a customer’s recharge or master balance?

Yes. A Wi-Fi call will be treated exactly the same as a regular call.

Q8) Are Wi-Fi Calls comparable in quality to regular calls?

Yes, when the device is in range of a reliable Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi calls and cellular (VoLTE) calls are similar in quality. You can enjoy HD Calls anywhere you have Wifi coverage.

Q9) Are there any technical requirements for Wi-Fi Calling?

For Wi-Fi calling to work, a customer must have the following technical requirements:

  • Access to a Wi-Fi router with a high-speed internet connection
  • A Wi-Fi calling-enabled smartphone
  • Latest software needs to be updated
  • Wi-Fi Calling switch should be on.
  • For a seamless experience you should keep both VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling switched on.

Q10) Can Wi-Fi Calling be used to make a call in Airplane mode?

No. Airtel Wi-Fi Calling service doesn’t support this feature.

Q11) How much data will be consumed during a Wi-Fi Call?

Wi-Fi calling uses minimal amount of data and a 5 minutes call consumes less than 5 MB data.

Q12) What happens if Wi-Fi gets disconnected between the call?

The call will switch over to VoLTE and there will be a seamless handover. If VoLTE is not switched on, the call will drop.

Q13) What happens if I move away from the router during the call?

As long as the Router can provide a quality call, the call will remain on Wi-Fi. If you move very far away from the router, the call will switch over to VoLTE and there will be seamless handover. If VoLTE is not switched on, the call will drop.

Q14) I am a Dual SIM customer. Can I make Wi-Fi Calls on both the SIMs?

Yes, if both SIMs are Airtel. If you are connected to Wi-Fi and have switched Wi-Fi Calling on, then calls from any of the SIMs will be made through Wi-Fi.

If one SIM does not belong to Airtel, the service may or may not be possible from that SIM, which is as per the respective service provider.

Q15) My friend does not have a phone that supports Airtel Wi-Fi Calling. Can I still make calls to him/her using Airtel Wi-Fi-Calling?

Yes, you can make Wi-Fi calls to any phone on any other network (2G/3G/4G/VoLTE/Wi-Fi) just like normal voice calls.

Q16) How do I know if the call is going through Wi-Fi?

You can verify a Wi-Fi Call by a unique symbol provided for Wi-Fi Calling in your handset. You will not see the Wi-Fi Call symbol during a normal cellular call.

17) Will Wi-Fi Calling work on all broadband/Wi-Fi or only Airtel broadband?

The service is live for all broadband and Wi-Fi hotspots. You can connect to any Wi-Fi source and enjoy the service.

Q18) Can I use Wi-Fi Calling during roaming?

Yes, you can use Airtel Wi-Fi calling during national roaming across India (except in Jammu & Kashmir).

Q19) How do I know if my handset is capable of Wi-Fi Calling?

Please check the handset capability here: www.airtel.in/wifi-calling

Q20) Do I need to change the sim to use Wi-Fi calling services?

No, there is no need for a sim change. Wi-Fi calling will work with sim which is being used for VoLTE.

Q21) Can I use Wi-Fi calling for making International calls?

Yes, Wi-Fi Calling can be used to make an international call to a foreign country.

Q22) Can I use WiFi calling in International Roaming?

No, you cannot use WiFi calling in International Roaming.

Q23) Can I make conference call while using Wi-Fi calling services?

Yes, you can. There is no limitation in making conference calls, it will work similar to normal conference call.

Q24) Within what range of broadband, will I be able to use Wi-Fi calling?

The range in which Wi-Fi calling service can be used is highly dependent on the corresponding broadband connection and the signal strength associated.