Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Recently Airtel has launched Coverage + solution and I want to know more about it.

Yes ! this is a solution launched by Airtel for both existing and new Airtel Xstream Fiber customers. Coverage + is a Mesh solution for your home & office.

Q2 : What does Coverage+ do?

Airtel’s Coverage + solution eliminates Wi-Fi dark spots at your home and office. It solves for coverage issues in those areas where you do not get proper Wi-Fi signals. Thus with the help of Coverge+ solution you can say goodbye to indoor Wi-Fi signal issues.

Q3 : How does Coverage + Works?

Airtel provides 2 kind of solutions.

1) Coverage + solution for house area less than 4k Sqft and
2) Coverage + Premium solution for House area larger than 4k Sqft.

With these solutions you will get additional Wi-Fi PODs which will be connected to main router. This in-turn will extend Wi-Fi signal to those areas where you used to get poor signal strength or slow speeds. When you connect 2-3 PODs to the router it makes a MESH structure & hence it is also called a Mesh Solution.

Q4 : Is Coverage + A repeater or range extender

No! Coverage + or Coverage + Premium is different from normal repeaters and range extenders. A Normal range extender not only create interference but also deteriorate the performance of Wi-Fi while you move between different rooms of your home. Coverage+ mesh solution not only ensures connectivity on 5Ghz band to offer higher speeds but also supports multiple devices with equal upload and download speeds for sake of greater experience.

Q5 : How is Coverage + different from Coverage + Premium

Kindly refer to the table below it will help you to understand the difference between 2 solutions

PODs Needed* Coverage + Coverage +Premium
Home/Office Type Single/Duplex/Triplex Very Large House/Penthouse Luxury Villas

Q6 : What is POD in Coverage + & Coverage + Premium?

POD means an additional device which is connected to your main router over Wi-Fi – Yes! no hassle of wiring.

Q7 : Does this POD consumes too much space or electricity ?

No ! it is a Small POD of aprox’ 200-300 grams in weight & it consume minimal electricity as it comes with DC adapter.

Q8 : How can I Book coverage + or coverage + Premium

An existing Airtel Xstream Fiber users can book it using Airtel thanksapp. Just visit broadband plan page and you will find coverage+ solution below your bill plan.

If you are planning to buy Airtel Xstream fiber connection for the 1st time, then you can book coverage+ solution with the help of Airtel Store manager or Airtel sales person.

Q9 : How much do I need to pay for coverage+ or coverage + premium?

Coverage+ solution comes at a price of Rs.99/-month per POD & a refundable security deposit of Rs.1000/- Per POD.

Coverage+ premium solution comes at a price of Rs.499/- Month and a refundable security deposit of Rs.4999/- (Note in Coverage + Premium you will get inbuilt 3 PODs which cannot be de-bundled)

Q10: How will I know exact number for PODs for my Home/office?

Please Refer to the table below

PODs Needed* coverage + with 1 to 2 PODs coverage + with 2 to 3 PODs Choose Coverage +Premium

Q11: If I take 1 POD and latter I find a need for another POD of Coverage + can I buy it?

Yes! You can add up to 4 PODs of coverage+

Q12: If after purchasing Coverage+ or Coverage + Premium solution I have any issue with the POD what shall I do?

These PODs are being given to you on rental basis hence service & repair of these devices are on Airtel. You may raise service request via thanksapp or call 121 for the same. Our engineers visit and do the needful.

Q13: How can I claim the refund of Security deposit

To claim refund for your security deposit it is mandatory to return the PODs in working condition. For this please place a request using thanksapp or 121 for returning the PODs. Our engineer will visit your house and inspect the devices. After certification that devices are in working condition, request will be placed and refund will be processed within 15 working days. This will be credited to your account.