FAQ for Airtel WiFi:

Q1. What are the benefits of Airtel Wi-Fi?

  • Enjoy seamless coverage & consistent speed
  • Save battery from draining
  • Get automatically connected – once in the airtel WiFi zone
  • Enjoy Free WiFi usage

-WiFi quota depends on the customer’s active 3G/4G data plan
-Free WiFi benefits currently available for prepaid and planned for postpaid


Q2. Being Airtel user, how can I connect to Airtel Wi-Fi?

There are 2 ways to connect to Airtel Wi-Fi:


A) You can connect to the open SSID named @Free Airtel Wi-Fi and click on the “Airtel User” tab. Once you are authenticated through OTP you can connect to Airtel Wi-Fi
B) Download My Airtel App and click on “Airtel Wi-Fi” tile to activate the Wi-Fi benefits through your My Airtel app


Q3. Which option of the above option is better?

Connecting to Wi-Fi through My Airtel App is a better option as it allows user to connect to Wi-Fi seamlessly whenever in Airtel Wi-Fi Zone without having to go through the OTP process.


Also app gives visibility on the available Wi-Fi Quota.


User can also enjoy other My Airtel app features such as Airtel Payments bank, Airtel TV, Airtel Thanks etc. as integrated benefits


Q4. What are the detailed steps to connect to Wi-Fi through My Airtel App?

  • Download the “My Airtel” app from your android play store or apple app store
  • Enter your airtel mobile number and register through OTP
  • Ensure you have an active 3G/4G data pack that offers WiFi benefits
  • Once the App is registered, Click on the “Airtel Wi-Fi” tile and then click on “Connect”
  • You will be automatically connected to “My Airtel Wi-Fi” if you are in Airtel Wi-Fi Zone

Q5. I am not able to connect to My Airtel Wi-Fi? What do I do?

a) For Dual SIM handsets, Ensure airtel SIM card is in slot 1
b) Ensure you have an active 3G/4G data pack that offers Wi-Fi benefits
c) Ensure you are in a Airtel Wi-Fi Zone - you can validate by activating Wi-Fi on your handset and the list of SSID should have “My Airtel Wi-Fi”
d) Try connecting to SSID named “My Airtel Wi-Fi”
e) If still not getting connected then select SSID -“ My Airtel Wi-Fi”  Modify network  Authentication mode or EAP method  select SIM


Some handsets have compatibility issues and hence you might need to do step (e) as one time activity - once you are connected to “ My Airtel Wi-Fi “ then onwards it will be seamless connection whenever you are in the Airtel Wi-Fi zone


Q6. I am a postpaid customer what benefits can I get?

WiFi benefits through My Airtel App is currently supported for prepaid customers only.


For Postpaid customers - service will be launched soon.


Q7. How do I check balance of my WiFi data Quota?

You can check balance WiFi data Quota under the WiFi section on My airtel app


Q8. Will I be able to connect to WiFi once I exhaust the WiFi quota?

No, after WiFi quota gets exhausted, you cannot access internet over WiFi.


Please switch OFF your WiFi from WiFi settings and then you may continue Internet access through your 3G/4G data pack quota.


Q9. What are the list of locations where hangout is available?

List of locations where Airtel WiFi zone is available are detailed in the “View List“ link in the Airtel Wi-Fi tile of My Airtel App