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Indoor Surveillance Cameras

There are a large number of surveillance systems that you can find nowadays. They come with state-of-the-art features and are meant to make you feel safe. However, when it comes to your home’s security, do you really know which indoor security camera system for home is the best for you?

For enhancing your security, you should always choose a trusted brand. Airtel is one of India’s most well-known brands. We are known for our superior customer service, high-quality products, reliability, and more. That is why you must choose a security camera with WiFi only from Airtel.

Indoor Survelliance Camera – Airtel Xsafe

Airtel Xsafe provides users with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor security camera options. These devices are designed to enhance your protection. These home surveillance camera with wifi devices have all the latest features and nifty tricks to ensure you are always safe.

We at Airtel understand that it is natural for the common man to understand all these features. You can end up being confused at the sight of so much information. Therefore, here is a bit of information to help you understand the best security camera system that you need.

Firstly, you should know that there are two different types of indoor security cameras that you can get from Airtel Xsafe. They are – indoor sticky cam and indoor 360-degree cam. Each of these cameras has its individual uses and features. Let’s look over those in a bit more detail.

The Indoor Sticky Camera

This indoor security camera can go anywhere in your room, literally. It comes equipped with a magnetic base, which enables you to fix it anywhere and forget about it. The device itself has a wide-angle lens that covers up to 130 degrees around it. As a result, it can easily cover large areas of the room where it has been placed.

Furthermore, it is incredibly lightweight as well. You can connect this camera to an existing broadband connection in your house. This way, you will be able to see live footage of what’s going on in any room of your residence from your smartphone, even remotely.

This device also supports a two-way talk feature. It comes attached with built-in mics and speakers. Therefore, you can communicate with your loved ones, very easily, through the camera.

That’s not all. The sticky cam even supports night vision. So, you can see everything in the room where the camera is installed, even when it is pitch dark.

Indoor 360-degree Camera

As the name might suggest to you, this 360 degrees camera can rotate in a room. However, you should note that this camera is not as easily portable as the sticky cam. Since it has a fixed base, once you have installed it on a ceiling or a wall, it will stay there. Regardless of that fact, the 360 degree presents a different functionality as opposed to the previous indoor security camera with wifi.

The biggest advantage of the 360 degree camera is that it gets you full room coverage all the time. There will be zero blind spots, which will mean that everything is always being monitored by the security camera.

Another benefit of this device is that it comes with a privacy shutter. For example, you wish for some privacy with your family and don’t want your camera to record it. In such instances, simply enable the privacy shutter and you can relax.

The smart tracking feature in this security camera can also be extremely useful. This feature makes use of AI to track objects that are in presence of the camera. When an object is moving in front of the camera, the device follows the movement of the moving person or object. It also sends out an image to your smartphone in real time. This way, it helps you to stay in control, at all times.

Features in Xsafe indoor security cameras with wifi

  1. Full HD video recording capabilities
  2. Person detection feature
  3. Motion detection feature
  4. H.265 video recording, which stores better footage while using lesser internet at the same time
  5. Different mounting options mean more flexibility

How do I choose the right Xsafe camera?

Before you zero in on a single Xsafe camera, it is better if you share your house plan with the Xsafe representatives. They have complete knowledge of these products and can guide you more effectively.

So, get the Xsafe indoor security cameras today!

Protect your home

  • Goes everywhere and sees everything, with it’s wide angle lens and flexible design!

    Sticky Cam

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  • 360° coverage with smart tracking and privacy shutter to give you piece of mind

    360 cam

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