Simple ways to secure your home

easy ways to secure home

Simple ways to secure your home

Following safety measures to protect your home is an important part of being a responsible homeowner and taking care of your family and property. However, if you’re confused about what steps to take, we’ve put together a list of simple ways that can help you secure your house when away from it.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Best Ways To Secure Your Home

Given below are easy ways to secure your home:

Set up a security system

If you’re looking for a way to protect your home from intruders, security systems are an excellent option. They can alert you to a problem before it even happens, and most importantly, they’re easy to install. A home security system consists of all security devices for a home like a security camera, motion sensor, entry sensor, glass break sensor, a siren, keypad, key fob, panic button, base station, smoke and CO detectors, yard sign or window stickers.

A security system is more often enough, to protect your family from any type of mishappening.

Place security cameras

If you find installing a complete security system expensive, you can safeguard your home with the help of a security camera. Especially, a camera and plan like Airtel Xsafe that offers you almost all the required features at a nominal cost. However, ensure that your camera placement is consistent and doesn’t vary too much, or it will be difficult to find the right angle when reviewing the footage later on. Once the placement is done, keep monitoring the activities via the given mobile application.

 Secure the doors

One of the most important things you can do to secure your home is to make sure that all doors are locked when you leave. This includes both exterior and interior doors, as well as windows and garage doors. You don’t want any nasty surprises while you’re sleeping or away from home unexpectedly.

Lock the windows

It’s a good idea to lock your windows. A security bar can be used to keep thieves out of your home, while also keeping intruders from breaking in through the windows themselves. If you have wooden shutters, these should also be secured with a lock or similar device so that they cannot be opened easily by an intruder. To make sure that no one can break into your house by climbing on top of it, ensure that all window locks are working properly and don’t need replacing any time soon.

Keep proper outdoor lighting

You need to be able to see what’s going on. You also want to be able to see the door, windows, and yard. If you lack lighting in your home, then you don’t know when someone is there or if they’re trying to break into your house.

Replace weak locks

You should replace any locks that are not working properly. If a lock is broken or can be easily picked, you should replace it with a new one that is more secure and difficult to access. This can include deadbolts as well as keyed locks on doors and cabinets.

Eliminate hiding spots

Now, this is a very important step. Do a check of your home, find the possible spots that can help an intruder hide and eliminate all of them.

Get an alarm system

Alarm systems are an easy way to keep your home safe. They allow you to have an alert system that will notify you when there is an intrusion in your home, even if the intruder has cut off power or phone service.

Minimize access to keys

Believe it or not, sometimes you give your key access to someone who is not reliable or maybe not responsible. Therefore, keep keys out of sight. Also, keep it away from where someone could easily see it. Don’t leave them in an obvious place like on a hook at the post office or by your front door so that anyone can grab them and break into your home.

Don’t advertise what’s inside your home

Be it your neighbour, friend or house help, never let anyone know what you have stored inside your home.


Remember, if you’re not at home, then your house is vulnerable. Follow the above tips to keep your home secured.

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