Sticky cam Vs 360 cam Vs Active Defence cam: A detailed comparison

Sticky cam Vs 360 cam Vs Active Defence cam: A detailed comparison

Finding the right home security camera set can be difficult. There are multiple factors to consider. A huge amount of research goes in understanding our personal security needs and then finding the surveillance camera that fits our requirements. If you are a looking to just secure your outdoors, you may want to invest in a good wireless hidden or visible outdoor cameras. But, if you want to monitor, let’s say an office space, an indoor 360o camera is the way to go!

Whatever be your requirement, Airtel Xsafe products have got you covered. Our Xsafe products include a variety of top-notch indoor and outdoor cameras. A huge upgrade to normal CCTV cameras available in the market, Airtel Xsafe home security camera set is extremely advanced.

Here’s a detailed comparison for your reference.

Two Way Talk

This feature enables the users to communicate using the cameras. Usually, a lot of CCTV cameras don’t record the audio or allow communication between two parties. But with the two-way talk feature, you can hear and talk to anyone around the camera using an application. Both indoor cameras Sticky cam and 3600 cam have the two-way talk feature. The Outdoor Active defence cam doesn’t have that feature.

Night Vision

Night vision is an important feature for a surveillance camera especially an outdoor one. If there are intruders lurking around your home, most probably they will try to enter your house only at night. Therefore, night vision is an essential feature of a surveillance camera. Thankfully, Airtel Xsafe’s all products have the night vision feature.

  • The Sticky cam gives night vision up to 12m.
  • The 3600 cam offers up to 10m night vision.
  • The outdoor active defence camera offers up to 30m.

Smart Tracking

Tracking is basically locating or following a moving object using a camera. The feature enables you to keep a better eye. Only the 3600 camera has this particular feature compiled with motion or person detection. It is a good feature for surveillance camera for home.


Spotlight cameras are extremely efficient in scaring off any intruders. Most of the time, these spotlight cameras work together with motion sensors. It is a must have feature for an outdoor camera. The spotlight cameras use their lights to shine on the intruders to put them in shock. This gives the homeowners the time to realize something is wrong. Airtel Xsafe’s Active Defence has two spotlights, but the other indoor ones don’t have the spotlights.

Water and Dust Proof

An outdoor camera needs to be weather resistant. Even the slightest of water and dust can lead to malfunction of the camera. Therefore, it is not advised to go for a cheap CCTV camera. Airtel’s Active Defence camera is water and dustproof. It can resist all kinds of weather and still keep securing your home round-the-clock. The other indoor cameras are not water and dustproof.

Other than these fundamental differences, there are some differences in the features offered by all 3 cameras. The sticky camera has a magnetic base and therefore stays in one place. Moreover, the 360O cam as the name suggests gives you a 360 degree view of the entire place. No corner is left out of the reach of the camera. The Active defence camera comes with water and dust resistance along with in-built alarm and motion sensor for person detection.

Keeping aside the differences, all 3 cameras have full HD 1080p resolution video quality and are wifi/ethernet enabled. The cameras also come with a storage of 256GB MicroSD card for storing the videos. Users can also share the feed with their family members, neighbours, and local law authority in case of any unprecedented event.

Airtel’s Xsafe home security camera set is the perfect surveillance system for securing your home and your family.

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