What is AI Camera & How it Works

What is AI camera

What is AI Camera & How it Works

If you have not been living under a rock, then you must be aware of what AI has done to the world in the last year. ChatGPT is now a household term and people are starting to use a lot of AI features in their day-to-day tasks to make things easier. The CCTV or surveillance camera industry is also not to be left behind.

What is an AI CCTV camera?

AI CCTV cameras are advanced devices that bring a whole lot of features to the table. For example, motion detection, face detection and similar features. The main job of the AI here is to make use of advanced analytical programs that have been integrated into their software. If you are looking for a modern and optimised solution to home surveillance, then an AI CCTV camera is the ideal way to go.

How do the AI CCTV cameras work?

In the case of AI-based CCTV cameras, the data that is recorded by the device is constantly checked by an AI algorithm to make more sense. Now, the AI behind the CCTV cameras that does all this work is based on some specific rules.

For example, to ensure that all motion-based movements are captured correctly, the AI is trained in some of these: human postures, specific human angles, and normal human movements. Naturally, there is far more that goes into work here, but that will involve us going into deep specific and a lot more tech.

Now, once the AI indeed comes across these images in the real world, it makes a note. And if it does realise that the movements or the time of the day when such movements are happening are suspicious, then it immediately sends an alert to your phone.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that some of these systems are also self-learning. After all, self-learning capabilities are especially unique to AI. As more and more time passes, the AI trains itself. Human movements, normal behaviours, size, speed or even colour of objects. All these learnings help the AI make an even better version of itself.

Hence, an AI camera benefits its users a lot. This is why, the use of AI cameras has increasingly shot up in the last few years. Even more so in public places, where keeping track of one specific person amongst a sea of others could be difficult.

What are the benefits of choosing AI CCTV cameras?

Here are some of the best benefits of choosing AI CCTV cameras:

  • The AI can be a very handy tool to detect or identify any kind of suspicious activity or behavioural anomalies.
  • If you have an AI CCTV camera in public, you can use it to track a person’s movement across a swarm of people. This can be of great benefit to law enforcement officials.
  • Generating alerts automatically can be yet another great benefit of AI CCTV surveillance cameras. In many instances, the AI itself can notify the authorities about any suspicious event and ensure that the relevant people reach you soon.

Are AI-based CCTV cameras really that accurate?

Let us face it – many of us are worried that AI is far better than our jobs. So is the case for AI-based CCTV cameras. Indeed, AI cameras are much better at what they do as compared to traditional CCTV cameras. With the help of AI, surveillance cameras can look at all subjects impartially. As a result, what it puts out is nothing but extremely accurate reports.

Moreover, it is important to note that as AI makes even further strides into our lives, AI CCTV cameras are also going to get better. The development of AI has been fast, and its integration into the world of surveillance will be even faster.

How to get an AI CCTV camera?

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