Which situations call for the need of a home surveillance system in place? Read on!

Home surveillance system

Which situations call for the need of a home surveillance system in place? Read on!

A home surveillance system is a must have in this day and age. The chances of a break in and or any other unprecedented event are high. You need to take all precautions you can to secure your family and home.

If you are in a half mind whether you should invest in a home surveillance system or not, read on to know why it is a good investment for you and your family.

Secure your family and property with a home surveillance system

The first and foremost reason to install a home security system is to keep your family secure. In the event of a break-in or an attempt for robbery, an outdoor camera with in-built alarm and spotlights can act as a first defense against the intruders. You can buy Airtel Xsafe’s outdoor Active Defence cam. This outdoor camera has two spotlights to alarm the intruders. It also has motion sensor along with person detection feature. You will get real time alerts in case of any intrusion.

Moreover, a home security camera set allows you to record the video and store it. This feature can help you to catch the perpetrators by handing over the stored video to the law enforcement authority.

Monitor your home remotely

The biggest concern while traveling abroad or to another domestic destination is leaving your home unattended. A home surveillance system can keep an eye on your home while you relax. You can frequently check the live feed on your smartphones or other devices using the home security camera set. With Airtel Xsafe’s camera system, multiple people can check the live video using the application.

Live in a smart home

When the world is moving towards adopting more IoT things, it only makes sense to move ahead with the time. A secured home is always a smart home. Make sure the cameras installed are wireless and can be automated. Airtel Xsafe plan offers you exactly that. The Airtel secured cloud lets you save the videos for a long duration of time. Moreover, the cameras have advanced compression to save bandwidth that storage by half. You can even turn off the cameras and control them using the app.

Peace of mind with a home surveillance system

If you are a pet owner, you can understand how hard it is to leave your pet alone at home. You can keep an eye on your pet and see what it is up to. Same goes with leaving your baby alone with a nanny. You can monitor your kids also with an indoor and outdoor home security camera set. A surveillance camera system can give you the peace of mind while you are away for work.

Other than these situations, you need a home security system in place for medical and fire emergencies. Moreover, you can also keep a check on trespassing strangers or even neighbours.

If you are looking to invest a reasonable amount of money in the security of your home and family, opt for Airtel Xsafe plan. The plan is billed for Rs. 999 per year and Rs. 99 monthly. The plan originally includes 1 camera and all smart features like Airtel Cloud storage, multiple viewing system, and others. Moreover, you can add more cameras to the plan for just Rs. 699 per year and Rs. 69 per month. Our experts will contact you and visit the property to assist installation of the home security camera set. You are entitled to 3 months of free doorstep service on demand!

With features so versatile, Airtel Xsafe is the perfect choice for you!

Protect your home

  • Armed with two powerful spotlights, Active defence camera works around the clock to keep you protected

    Active Defence cam

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  • 360° coverage with smart tracking and privacy shutter to give you piece of mind

    360° cam

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