Worried about your pets while you’re away? Here’s how you can keep an eye on them

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Worried about your pets while you’re away? Here’s how you can keep an eye on them

Keeping a pet at home is such a relaxing and lovely feeling for those who adore them totally. Pets bring a lot of joy, which is equivalent to that of a human child. While taking care and nurturing your pets can be a lot of fun, it is also an added responsibility. You have to take care of their nutritional requirements and ensure they get adequate exercise. You also need to provide them an environment where they are comfortable. Basically, it is important that you always stay involved in their well-being. That is why, having a security camera helps.

In addition, what if you are about to go on a short weekend trip and cannot carry your pet along? Or, what if you have to go to work 5 days a week, and have to leave your pet alone at home? Surely, you would want your little fur ball to be under some sort of supervision right.

Your Airtel Xsafe surveillance camera for home full set can help you in this regard. Deploy our state of the art security camera systems all around your residence, to ensure complete security for your beloved pets.

Wide range of security cameras for all kinds of needs

We understand that pets require constant monitoring as they tend to be total livewires running around the house; in fact, there can be many instances where they keep moving from one room to another. In such a scenario, you will need a security camera that is equally adapted to match up to this task.

Our Xsafe surveillance camera for home full set provides you with a list of indoor and outdoor cameras. Therefore, your pet’s security is never under-compromised. Now you can see what your fur ball is doing inside the house. You can also keep an eye on them when they are outside. Isn’t that amazing?

The Indoor Sticky Cam

The Airtel Xsafe indoor sticky camera is a small yet incredibly powerful device that can be setup anywhere in your home. It has a very able magnetic base, which allows the entire system to be placed anywhere.

It is also equipped with a wide angle lens that can cover up to 130 degrees around it. This way, you can track your pets through the camera, regardless of wherever they maybe hiding. It is portable as well, so you can just pick it up from one room and place it in another. Thus, you get an amazingly feather light security camera that offers you numerous options for placing it.

For your pet, you can place the sticky cam in all the rooms, so that you never let your furry buddies out of sight!

The Indoor 360 degree Cam

Now this is a 360 degree rotating camera from Airtel Xsafe to help you look into even more areas of your house. It is equipped with a whole lot of features, such as a privacy shutter that gives you complete privacy whenever you demand it.

You also get the smart tracking feature with it. The security camera system, upon detecting a moving object will continue to follow the trajectory in real time. Additionally, at the same time, you will also be notified of the movements so that you can check what is happening through your smartphone.

Moreover, the 2 mega pixel camera provided with the 360 degree rotating camera gives users a video quality that is something they have not experienced before. This way, you will always be able to keep track of your pets and their whereabouts, all the time.

The Outdoor Active Defence Cam

This is the Airtel Xsafe product that is meant to check what your pet is doing outside. If your pet likes to keep roaming about the house, it may as well go out sometimes. In such cases, the outdoor active defence security camera from Airtel Xsafe is the perfect solution.

The active defence camera is designed to withstand all kinds of wear and tear that it could face from the outside. It is waterproof, has in-person detection, and a colourful night vision technology that lets you keep your guard up 24×7.

Choose Airtel Xsafe security camera for your and your pets’ protection

Airtel Xsafe should be the go-to product for you when it comes to the security of your pets. Moreover, our wifi-enabled camera systems are not just for your furry friends. You can also use them to maximise your and your family’s security.

Switch to Airtel Xsafe and get the ultimate peace of mind, today!

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  • 360° coverage with smart tracking and privacy shutter to give you piece of mind

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