Offer your customers the ease of free calls and increase engagement with Airtel’s Toll-Free services

    Join the growing number of companies leveraging toll-free numbers to supercharge your conversations and conversions. More calls mean more potential customers, and a robust engagement strategy can turn those inquiries into customers. With Airtel Toll Free, let your customers connect with your business for all their needs. With the added benefit of using the same number on your WhatsApp for business account, streamline your customer engagement like never before!

    Airtel Toll Free can help your business nurture leads and boost sales

    • Run marketing campaigns across channels with CTAs that redirect your customers to call or initiate WhatsApp messages.
    • Nurture leads that do not convert to immediate orders with real time analytics, that also help build a sales funnel.
    toll free number for business

    Airtel Toll Free allows your customers to reach out to you via voice and text channels

    • Create a single, easy-to-remember contact point for customer service inquiries, regardless of the customer's location
    • Collect feedback from their customers & use it to improve products and services.
    toll free number service

    Exclusive features of Airtel Toll-free services

    • Emergency routing

      Routing calls to an emergency number at the time of disaster, as per a system-configured emergency action plan.

    • Call statistics

      Analyzing data through a detailed statement of calls received and call durations.

    • Time dependent routing

      Routing calls to other locations/numbers after office hours and on weekends. Thus, your business can maintain a 24-hour operation.

    • Origin dependent routing

      Routing incoming calls to a desired destination eliminates the need to have an once in every city, while taking care of language barriers.

    • Unified WhatsApp number

      Use your toll free calling number for your WhatsApp account and unify your channels for an enhanced customer experience.

    • Auto forward busy or no answer calls

      Forward calls to alternate numbers or IVRs in case of busy or no answer situations, ensuring your customers can always get in touch with you.

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