Safeguard digital assets from unauthorized access and prevent data breaches with Airtel WAAP

    Airtel WAAP secures your data to protect your business without slowing it down. With an end-to-end observability, enterprises are now able to safeguard themselves in multiple environments irrespective of where their data exists.

    Securely manage web apps across multiple environments

    • Enterprises host applications in multiple environments like outsourced data centers, public or private cloud to ensure business continuity.
    • A unified security portal to evaluate and protect your business from all kinds of attack vectors.
    waap security

    Easily manage your WAAP Security on the go

    • Equipped with a specially certified workforce to manage your WAAP Security.
    • Fully managed services to manage security for your apps and APIs while you can focus on other things.
    waap solutions

    Exclusive features of Airtel WAAP security

    • OWASP Protection

      OWASP protection

      Safeguarding your applications and APIs against OWASP's top 10 vulnerabilities and more.

    • API Security

      API security

      Securing both documented and undocumented APIs, including the discovery and protection of undisclosed APIs across the entire API ecosystem.

    • Bot Protection

      Bot protection

      Identifying and distinguishing between legitimate and malicious bot traffic, effectively mitigating harmful bot activity.

    • Layer 7 DDoS Protection

      Layer 7 DDoS protection

      Defending against application layer DDoS attacks from various attack vectors.

    Impact delivered with Airtel WAAP security

    • 99.99%

      network uptime

    • Layer 7

      DDoS protection

    Secure Internet
    DDoS Security

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