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Airtel Data Boosters Packs – How To Get One & Usage

Mobile data plays a very important role in our daily life, since it helps us to stay connected with the rest of the world, play games, work from home, watch educational videos, stream movies and lots more. With so much dependence on internet and internet enabled services, running out of your data can be a really stressful period.

To make sure that you always have internet on your phone,  data boosters come in really handy. Let us look a bit more into it and understand how they work.

What is a booster pack?

You can use data boosters to ensure that you never run out of internet. Exhausting your daily or monthly data limit can be very easy and may even come as a surprise to you if you have been busy with other activities and were unable to keep a check on the data usage.

There can even be instances when you are going away on a trip or will be staying away from home and office for a long time. You can also face a situation where your phone has received a large software update or a smartphone game that has to be updated so that you can pay it again. Getting data boosters is ideal in such scenarios.

Data boosters grant additional internet for you and your dear ones and can be regarded as a top-up recharge for your smartphone. Depending upon your requirements and daily usage, single data booster should ideally cover all your needs and help you go ahead with your activities without any mobile data hiccups.

How to get a booster pack?

Getting data boosters is a fairly simple and streamlined process, and you can get it anytime anywhere – provided you have the Airtel Thanks App.

  1. Download the Airtel Thanks App on your smartphone. It is available on Google Play Store for Android phones and the Apple App Store for iOS devices.
  2. Now open the Airtel Thanks App
  3. On the home screen, tap the recharge button
  4. A new screen will open up, where you have to type in the phone number that you wish to recharge
  5. Now go to ‘Data’ and select the data boosters that will be sufficient for all your needs
  6. Make the payment and enjoy your new data pack to the fullest

Which data booster pack is the best for me?

Data boosters are added to your existing valid pack, so you have to check how much data balance is left and select the booster plan accordingly. To check how much data is left for you in your current plan, simply open the Airtel Thanks App, where you will be able to see how much data has been consumed for the plan and how much is left.

Airtel offers its customers a wide variety of data boosters to ensure that no matter your budget, there is something in there for everyone. The cheapest plan starts at ₹58, which gives you an additional 3 GB of internet over your current valid pack.

If you wish to get more data from your data boosters, then you can also try out various other plans. As an added benefit, some of these additional packs also have extra features such as Amazon Prime Video, Wynk Music Premium, free Airtel Hello tunes and Airtel Xstream mobile pack.

Even with so many exciting features and exclusive advantages that come attached to these data boosters, you have to decide the plan that suits you and your budget the best. As an added benefit, the Airtel Thanks App also sends reminder notifications when you are about to exhaust your daily or monthly data.