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Here’s how you can get new LPG gas connection in India


LPG or Liquified Petroleum Gas is one of the most preferred ways to get a gas connection in Indian households. Even though efforts are being made by the state governments to offer piped gas connections to every household in the country, the shift is still happening at a gradual pace. Therefore, LPG remains important for most houses.

Users can take new gas connections from both public and private sectors, but not together for the same household. To take a gas connection from a public unit, you can approach these agencies in India:

  • Bharat Gas
  • Indane Gas
  • HP Gas

All these units are government run. Therefore, you can get a regulated number of cylinders every year at subsidized rates.

Cylinders for subsidized rates

Generally, a cylinder’s price is at par with the market rate. But, if you opt for a public connection from HP, Indane, or Bharat Gas, you can get up to 6 cylinders per year at subsidized rate.

Subsidized rate means a price lower than that of market.

For example: A normal 14.2 Kg HP cylinder is priced at Rs. 987 per cylinder. The subsidized rate will be lower than this regular rate*.

*The rates mentioned above don’t represent the real rates of an LPG cylinder. Please check with your nearest gas agency to know the correct rates.

Important document required for new gas connection for public units

If you are planning to go through the procedure to get gas connection from public units like Indane, HP, and Bharat gas, you need to have a ration card.

If you don’t have a ration card, you will either need to get it made or go for a private sector new gas connection which only requires address proof.

Other documents needed to open a new gas connection

You need to furnish at least one of the following documents from both categories for public gas connection.

If you are wondering how to get a gas connection for a rented house, here’s your answer. Choose any one alternative to address proof documents to easily get a new gas connection.

Identification Proof documents:

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driving License

Address Proof documents:

  • Telephone bill
  • Electricity bills
  • Voter ID card
  • Ration card
  • Employer’s certificate

Now let’s answer your question: how to get new gas connection?

Get a new gas connection online

Given that most of the government led units still work offline, this particular sector has planned to accommodate users who prefer working online.

How to get gas connection online

  • Find the nearest gas connection online and contact them.
  • The gas agency executives will help you with the application form and the further process.
  • You need to pay a security deposit. Do the same with a bank transfer.
  • Post Payment, you will be provided with a reference number to track the delivery and installation of the cylinder/gas connection.
  • Meanwhile, you need to send the relevant documents for document verification.
  • Once the verification is complete, the installation will take up to 1 month.

Get a new gas connection offline

If you are checking how to get gas connection offline, here are the steps involved.

  • Locate the nearest gas agency near your home.
  • There, you will get an application form. Please fill the same and submit at the agency right away.
  • You will also be asked to furnish the relevant documents. Remember to take those documents with you (Original and photocopy) to the agency.
  • Post these, you will be issued a registration number or a booking number along with a receipt number.
  • You will also get a DGCC (Domestic Gas Consumer Card) booklet/passbook. This particular booklet is used to record all your bookings.
  • Pay the security deposit to seal the purchase.

The security deposit includes the cost of:

  • Cylinder’s cost
  • Regulator
  • Refilling cost for the first cylinder
  • Gas tube
  • Installation charges

Please note that you can get only connection of LPG per household.

Booking or refilling

After you have exhausted your first cylinder, there are different ways to fill up the cylinder.

You can either contact the POC from your gas agency and book a cylinder. Make sure you book the cylinder a few days before the gas is over. It takes a few working days to deliver the cylinder.

Once you receive the same, remember to check the weight of the cylinder. The weight machine is carried by the delivery executives. Also, check the safety seal cap on the cylinder. After you pay the amount for the new cylinder, ask for a cash memo or invoice against procuring of the new cylinder.

Book a cylinder using the Airtel Thanks app

Now that you know how to get new gas connection and what is the new gas connection price, you can book one easily using the Airtel Thanks app.

  • Head over to the Pay section of the app.
  • Find Book cylinder option under Recharge and Pay Bills header.
  • Select your gas operator.
  • Enter the registered contact number and hit on proceed.
  • Post that, follow the instructions and book a cylinder for free delivery at your house.

Remember this service is only available for public gas connections.

If you have a piped gas connection, you can use Airtel Thanks app as a UPI bill payment app to pay your monthly bill for piped gas.

Steps involved to pay your bill for a piped gas connection using Airtel Thanks app

  • Start off with linking your Airtel Thanks app with a BHIM UPI or any other form of payment. You can do the same in the ‘Pay’ section of the app.
  • Post linking, scroll down and find ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ section. This section is dedicated to recharging your common services like Prepaid, postpaid, DTH, or paying utility bills for electricity, water, and gas.
  • Tap on ‘more’ to see available options. You will find ‘Piped gas’ under ‘Utilities’ section here. Tap on it.
  • A list of operators will be mentioned here. You can either search for your operator by typing the name or simply scroll through the drop-down menu.
  • After selecting your operator, enter your CRN number or BP number/customer code which is unique for each customer. You can find this on your previous bills.
  • Hit ‘Proceed’ and follow the steps as directed on the app to pay your bill.
  • You can earn a cashback of Rs. 20 on the payment if your bill is Rs.700 and above.

It is that easy to pay your monthly bill with the Thanks app! Download today!

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