What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology that is expanding the horizon of opportunities for your business multi-folds. With its promise of faster connectivity, near-zero latency, and higher capacity, 5G has the potential to accelerate the digital transformation of your business. It is expected to optimise the use of IoT, AI, ML, AR, VR, and other advanced technologies, thereby completely redefining the way people live, work, connect, and play.

Why choose Airtel 5G Plus?

Use of 5G technology

with widest ecosystem

Network Slicing

for differential quality needs

Most Energy Efficient

Eco-friendly technology

Discover what Airtel 5G Plus has to offer for your business

Lower Latency

5G provides low latency communication, reliable and real-time response from network, enabling automated industrial operations.

Higher Bandwidth

Open up exciting new possibilities for both businesses and customers alike with higher bandwidth.

Greater Device Concurrency

5G enables a connected world of machine-machine and machine-human interactions, supporting millions of devices/sq. km.

Explore 5G use cases with Airtel

With India rapidly adopting the 5G technology, the Airtel 5G Plus test network has come up with a range of diverse use cases across industry verticals.

Smart Healthcare

Transform the future of community care with 5G-enabled smart healthcare solutions. Help doctors and paramedics to improve the quality of care through telemedicine and remote surgery.

Smart Farming

Harness the power of connected farming devices to their utmost capacity with ease. Explore the capabilities of Airtel 5G Plus.

Smart Factory

Make the most of advanced machines, robots, and sensors, and convert your manufacturing facility into a smart, connected factory with 5G.

Immersive Education

If the world is changing with technology why should education stay behind. Know how Airtel 5G Plus is helping reshape the current education scenario by making it more immersive for the learner.

Connected Frontline

Your frontline team needs better support from experts to serve customers and exceed their expectations. 5G-connected frontline workforce can help optimise costs to businesses, improve service availability, and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Smart Drone Solutions

Now tackle challenges like never before and make business operations more safe and efficient. Smart inventory management solutions powered by 5G will make warehouses future-ready.

What can Airtel 5G Plus do for your business?

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FAQs On 5G For Business

What is 5G for business by Airtel?

Airtel 5G for business is a suite of solutions and services that leverage the power of 5G to help businesses transform operations. Airtel 5G offers many advantages over previous generations of cellular technology, including speed, latency and bandwidth.

How can Airtel 5G solutions benefit my business?

Airtel 5G solutions can benefit businesses in several ways. Some of them include increased productivity, improved customer service, cost-efficiency, and new technology opportunities.

What industries or types of businesses can benefit from Airtel 5G Plus?

Airtel 5G Plus can benefit businesses in a range of industries. Some of them are healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and education.

How does Airtel ensure the security and reliability of its 5G business solutions?

Airtel has many measures to ensure the security and reliability of its 5G business solutions. These include firewalls, detection and prevention systems, and data encryption.

What is the coverage and availability of Airtel's 5G network for businesses?

Airtel is rolling out its 5G network across India. 5G is available across major cities and towns, and it plans to expand coverage to more regions soon.

What customisation options are available for businesses interested in 5G solutions?

Airtel offers many customisation options for businesses interested in 5G solutions. Airtel can work with businesses to develop a custom solution that meets their needs and requirements.

How can businesses get started with Airtel’s 5G services?

Businesses can start by contacting an Airtel sales representative. The sales representative will work with the business to assess its needs and develop a custom solution.

What are the requirements for Airtel 5G business solutions?

The requirements for Airtel 5G business solutions depend on the specific solution. General requirements include 5G-compatible devices, coverage area, and SIM card.

What are the potential use cases for 5G in the business sector?

5G for business internet services can transform the way businesses operate across industries. Potential use cases include real-time video conferencing and collaboration, AR and VR, Internet of Things (IoT), and self-driving cars.

How will 5G impact my company's mobile communication and data needs?

5G will support more mobile users and devices, access data and applications more quickly, run complex and demanding applications on mobile devices, and develop new products and services that require real-time data and connectivity.

How can 5G improve remote work and collaboration for my employees?

5G can improve remote work and collaboration for your employees in many ways. It enables real-time video conferencing and collaboration applications, provides high-speed and reliable internet access for remote workers, and supports AR and VR for remote training.

Are there any potential health concerns associated with 5G deployment near my business premises?

There is no scientific evidence that 5G deployment poses a risk to human health. 5G uses radio waves, which do not have enough energy to pose health risks.

What devices and equipment will my business need to adopt 5G technology?

To adopt 5G technology, your business will need to upgrade its devices and equipment to support 5G. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, and IoT devices.

What are the data speed and latency improvements with Airtel 5G for business?

Airtel 5G for business internet can offer speeds of up to 20-30 times faster than 4G. Airtel 5G also has an ultra-low latency of 1 ms, so data can be transmitted between devices with minimal delay.

The Significance of 5G Network for Businesses

The fifth generation of cellular network technology is revolutionising the way businesses operate. 5G internet for business comes with ultra-fast speeds, low latency and massive capacity.

5G is enabling businesses to develop new products and services, improve efficiency, and create new customer experiences.

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