Office Internet

Enhance productivity with high-speed broadband designed for businesses

Dedicated Internet

Accelerate your business growth with high-performance internet leased line connection


Optimise networks to maximise availability of real-time apps and data access


Bolster your network performance with a future-ready, secured, and reliable VPN solution

Direct VPN

Setup unhindered network connections over long distances

Managed Wi-Fi

Ensure seamless high-performing wireless experience for your business

5G for Business

Revolutionize your business operation and use cases with the power 5G

Work from Anywhere

Ensures always-on connectivity at every business location with a dynamic connectivity solution

A network long enough to go around the globe over 10 times


RKMS global fiber network


RKMS domestic fiber network

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Enhance business connectivity with customized solutions

FAQ’s on Airtel Connectivity Solutions & Services

What are Airtel's Connectivity Solutions?

Airtel's Business Connectivity Solutions includes a range of high-tech services designed to improve connectivity for businesses and consumers. These solutions include high-speed broadband, virtual private networks, dedicated internet lines, secure IoT connectivity, managed Wi-Fi, cloud services, security solutions, collaboration tools, and support for futuristic initiatives.

What types of connectivity services does Airtel offer to businesses?

Airtel offers a complete set of Connectivity IT Solutions, including Office Internet, Dedicated Internet, Secure Internet, Managed Wi-Fi, VPN, Direct VPN, Intelligent VPN, and more.

How can connectivity solutions enhance my organization's efficiency?

Airtel's Connectivity Solution holds the power to enhance business efficiency through reliable and secure network connections, flexible service plans, and integrated communication tools compatible with various applications and platforms.

Is Airtel's connectivity suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Airtel's connectivity solution for business are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

What industries can benefit from Airtel's Connectivity Solutions?

Airtel's Connectivity IT Solutions can benefit a wide range of industries due to its customizable services. These industries include smart meters, logistics, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, e-commerce, mobility, analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more.

Are there options available to tailor connectivity solutions as per business needs?

Yes, Airtel's enterprise connectivity solutions offer a range of customizable options. Businesses can choose from various connectivity technologies, cloud providers, and consulting services for their unique requirements.

How does Airtel ensure the security and reliability of its connectivity services?

Airtel ensures the security and reliability of its connectivity services through multiple layers of protection, including firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, and DDoS protection. They also offer managed security services and access to renowned Security Operations Centers for 24/7 monitoring.

Can Airtel's connectivity services integrate with existing business systems?

Yes, Airtel's connectivity solution for business can be seamlessly integrated with existing business systems.

How can I get started with Airtel's Connectivity Solutions for my business?

To get started with Airtel's enterprise connectivity solutions, please visit the Airtel Business website, explore the solutions, choose the best service, and fill out a form with further details. An Airtel representative will soon get in touch with the business owner. Alternatively, users can also visit an Airtel store or contact their customer care team for assistance.

How do I determine the right connectivity solution provider for my business?

To select the right connectivity solution provider, please assess the specific needs, budget limitations, and long-term goals of the concerned business and consult an expert to make the final decision.

Can I scale my usage of connectivity products as my business grows?

Yes, Airtel's Business Connectivity Solutions offer scalability, allowing adjustment to internet capacity, addition of new services, and expansion of connectivity products as a business grows and its needs evolve.

Introduction to Airtel's Connectivity Solutions for Business

In a world where seamless communication is one of the important factors for success, Airtel stands as a leading player in the telecommunications industry. By July 25 2023, as proof of its excellence, the company achieved a groundbreaking milestone of connecting over 20 million devices with the help of its IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

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