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In the year 2020, with majority of connectivity services being geared towards supporting cloud based, bandwidth-heavy applications, ask yourself this important question – is your current network ready to support and harness that growth?

You now need faster, scalable and more secure connectivity to succeed in this fast moving market. Our future-ready VPN solution offers secure and reliable connectivity to bolster your network for supporting next-gen applications growth spurt.

Technology that keeps your network on top

Airtel VPN is a secure and dedicated MPLS based connectivity that offers high-performance, any-to-any connectivity to a single network, to help ensure that your business stays connected. It provides you complete flexibility to connect your locations in different ways, with the ability to prioritize network traffic using Class of Service (CoS). The VPN protocol simplifies core networks, increases efficiency and enables your business data to be transmitted efficiently and securely across the network.

Are you looking for robust last-mile connectivity solution?

Airtel introduces Hybrid Internet

An enterprise-grade, 4G last-mile connectivity solution. Being one of the leading telecom networks and the first to launch 4G in India, Airtel assures you of reliable 4G connectivity even in remotest corners of India. It offers:

Robust Network Coverage

Get MPLS over 4G last-mile connectivity for places where fibre, copper or RF network is unavailable.

Seamless Business Continuity

Ensure uninterrupted business operations and access to applications, irrespective of your location.

Significant Cost Reduction

Get enterprise-grade VPN like features and service at a much affordable cost.

Features and Benefits

Boost performance speed

Grow your network with speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

Prioritize application traffic

Enjoy multiple Class of Service (COS) to prioritize between different applications.

Superior service availability

Ensure seamless business continuity with industry leading SLAs for network uptime.

Visibility across the network

Gain more control with centralized proactive monitoring and visibility into your entire network performance.

End-to-end support

Get a readily available, 24X7 self-care portal for service assurance.

Get the VPN advantage for your business

Wide reach and global footprint

Take advantage of new markets and growth opportunities with our robust India and global coverage through direct POPs, strategic alliances and unmatched network of submarine cables.

Cloud connect

Get seamless high-speed access to the global Cloud platforms like “Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle” using Airtel CONNEXION for Cloud.

Multiple connectivity options

Seamlessly connect your offices using a diverse selection of network options, covering fiber, copper, radio, CEN, VSAT, and 4G.

Comprehensive security

Remain completely protected from security breaches and malicious attacks by communicating over a secure, efficient and flexible private network infrastructure.

Customer speak

Panasonic partners with Airtel Business to optimize their IT landscape across locations

Airtel Business created an integrated and customized solution to consolidate MPLS network across multiple locations. The solution was scalable and has offered the network capability to cope with future growth of Panasonic. It reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by bringing down the cost by 40%.

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Question on VPN?

The fully managed services of VPN include multiple Class of Service (CoS), multiple VPNs, ENOC portal for proactive monitoring and reporting, and an Enterprise hub for online ticket logging and SLA reports.

Some optional features that are available with VPN include Path Diversity, Managed CPE, Route Groups, Mesh Topology, Hub and Spoke Topology, wireless and 4G backup.

The CPE router options that are available to you include Cisco, Juniper, HP, Huawei, and Maipu.

Yes, the product supports the Multicast feature.

The supported WAN protocols are Static IP, Dynamic IP - BGP and OSPF