Make your business always-reachable for all

Everything is in flux in today’s rapidly changing world. With business focus shifting increasingly towards becoming an integral part of the customer’s journey, mere product sale is not enough. This is where a toll-free call solution can work like magic for you. Customers have a superior experience as they can reach out to you conveniently for free while you get the insights to mould your business strategy.


Give your customers an easy to recall number

With Airtel Business’ Domestic Toll-Free Service (DTFS), you can subscribe to an 1800-XXX-XXXX toll-free number and enable your customers, partners and dealers to get in touch with you without incurring any incremental cost regardless of location and time. You also benefit from increased customer satisfaction, stemming from faster response to customers and smart customer management.



Geography-based Routing

Route incoming calls based on origin based routing to effectively handle the language barrier/ cultural differences.

Time-dependent Routing

Route calls to numbers based on time of the day or day of the week eg after office hours and on weekends, and get the bandwidth to maintain 24-hour operations.

Capacity-based Routing

Automatically route calls to different offices depending upon the capacity-to-traffic ratio and be always available for your customers.

Consolidated Billing

Single, unified and hassle-free billing feature for all PRI line extensions

Call Statistics

Get detailed call data to analyse and generate actionable insights.

Emergency Routing

Route calls to an emergency helpline in disaster situations per the pre-configured emergency action plan and keep your business viable even during emergencies.

Get the DTFS advantage for your business

Pan-India footprint

with presence in 100+ cities covering all major HQs

4,00,000+ RKMs

Unmatched reach of fibre network in India

Robust infrastructure

with SLA-based high network uptime

Widest portfolio of voice & data

services with successful deployments all over India


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Show your customers that you care by letting them contact you for free, anytime, from anywhere.

Brand Recall

Increase business opportunities by ensuring more incoming calls due to easy-to-remember toll-free number.

Greater Business Flexibility

Opt for strategic office relocation without losing business by allowing your customers reach you through the toll-free number.

Improved Marketing Result

Streamline your marketing campaigns incrementally with higher call volumes because of the toll-free number, subsequently increasing sales and ROI.

Offer your customers a better communication experience

Question on DTFS?

What routings are possible in DTFS?

You can opt for location-based, time-based, ratio-based and emergency routing in DTFS.

Can I terminate DTFS on any domestic number?

Yes, you can terminate DTFS on any domestic operator number – landline or mobile. You just need to prove the ownership of the number you want to terminate.

Can one opt for 8/9/10-digit DTFS numbers?

Yes, Airtel DTFS provides options of 8, 9, 10 and 11-digit toll-free numbers.

Can an international user dial DTFS number?

For international users, one needs to opt for international toll-free service (ITFS) numbers, which have 000-800 series.

Can I give multiple termination number for my DTFS number?

Yes, you can give up to 10 termination numbers for your DTFS. However, all the calls will follow the same sequential priority route.