Get rental free ‘PRI’ for 3 months’ worth Rs 15000 with new Toll Free connection

With Airtel’s DTFS, you can subscribe to a Toll-Free number of the pattern 1800-XXX-XXXX. This will act as your point of contact for your customers and partners. They will be able to get in touch with you at any time, from any place, without incurring any cost. Consequently, you benefit from smart customer management, stemming from faster response to customers and improved customer satisfaction.

Key Highlights


With centralized / decentralized set-up, the solution offers a single number for any service, for every region. Solution can be deployed for internal as well as external customers.


The solution offers significant cost savings for your business due to centralized set-up, & communicating single number across all geographies


Receiving of calls from anywhere in the country, across all operators, the solution allows routing of calls, based on business process and requirements.


The solution is accessible from mobile phones as well as landline phones.


The solution helps you improve customer engagement & internal collaboration for your business.


Enhanced Customer satisfaction

Your customers can reach you and get their questions answered, any day, at any time, absolutely free of cost.

Easy Recollection

Your customers will be able to easily remember toll-free numbers, thereby increasing the likeliness of your business receiving more calls and more leads being generated.

Brand Image Creation

Your business will benefit from brand recognition and credibility, resulting from the display of a toll-free number on your website and advertisements.

Greater Flexibility

Because of the toll-free number, your customers will be able to reach you, no matter where you are located. This means you can relocate your business without your customers knowing that you have moved.

Heightened Power of a Marketing Tool

Your business will see an increase in call volumes, ROI, and sales resulting from the power of the toll-free number that will allow you to create extensions, associated with a particular campaign.

Airtel Advantage


Pan India footprint in 100+ cities covering all major district HQs


TDM & SIP based PRIs delivered on 3,00,000+ RKMs of Fiber network coverage in India


Network Redundancy to ensure customer are always connected


Robust infrastructure on Fiber / Copper / RF network with SLA based high uptime


End to end fully managed toll free services with 24*7 mail and phone support

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