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Fuel your business growth with a network that responds on demand

In recent years, the move to cloud, coupled with increased use of bandwidth-heavy applications like VOIP, Salesforce, Office 365 and video has led to accelerated growth in enterprise WAN traffic. You now need faster, agile and more secure WAN connectivity to succeed in this fast-moving market. Conventional WAN architectures just can’t keep up!

Introducing Airtel Intelligent VPN – an automated and centrally managed SD-WAN solution that keeps you and your data connected at all times, across all places on a variety of connection types.


Uncover the right intelligent connectivity for your business

Our Intelligent VPN solution enables you to streamline your traffic flow and boosts bandwidth on demand with greater efficiency across the entire network. With features such as dynamic load balancing, application prioritization, and transport neutrality, not only does your business get much more from your existing WAN connectivity, it also helps mitigate a trombone effect.

Features and Benefits

Your business benefits when you have VPN that thinks like you do

Consolidate your core network

Reduce your reliance on multiple devices spread across branches and data centers by clubbing all your network and firewall features into one centralized box.

Pave the best paths for network traffic

Enables you to route traffic across public and private WAN paths as per your application requirements, resulting in WAN optimization and reduced downtime.

Take charge from one control point

A single pane of glass for all your management and policy change needs across the entire WAN infrastructure, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Infrastructure that adapts

Experience dynamic bandwidth that scales with your business - ensuring that your mission-critical applications always have access to network resources despite fluctuating loads.

Hold the keys to your network security

All your endpoints are covered with edge-to-edge encryption. User accounts can also be created, edited, and removed from a single management plane - making it easy to control the access privileges of guests, employees, partners, and more.

Get the Airtel Intelligent VPN Advantage

Bespoke approach

To deliver you the best customized solution, we combine the expertise of our network and SD-WAN deployments across verticals.

End to end manageability

Entire SD-WAN life cycle management including network planning, deployment, on-ground support and service management.

A fixed and mobile network

Leveraging decades of experience in deploying reliable, high quality Internet, satellite, and 4G connectivity among enterprise customers across the globe.

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Question on Airtel Intelligent VPN?

How do I make my network ready for SaaS/ cloud application?  

Airtel intelligent VPN offers DCA (Direct Cloud Access)/ DIA (Direct Internet Access). DCA allows a remote site to access SaaS applications directly from the Internet. The solution permits only the designated application traffic to use the directly connected Internet transport securely, while all other Internet-bound traffic takes the usual path, which could be through a regional hub or a data center.

How can I simplify my WAN architecture and make it easier to manage and operate?  

Airtel Intelligent VPN solution will enable:
- A Centralized Policy management platform which will simplify operational challenges resulting in reduced change control and deployment times.
- Application visibility, application recognition and application-aware policies with real-time service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement.
- Dynamic optimization of SaaS applications, resulting in improved application performance for users.
- Robust and comprehensive security, which includes strong encryption of data, end-to-end network segmentation, router and controller certificate identity with a zero-trust security model, control plane protection, application firewall, and other network services.

Is Airtel Intelligent VPN an end to end managed service?  

Yes, Airtel Intelligent VPN is an end to end service where we will not only manage connectivity, but our Intelligent VPN expert will work with you to Plan, deploy and manage your Intelligent VPN network.

Will manageability be provided for Non-Airtel links?  

No, all connectivity provided by Airtel will be managed end to end. Any customer provided connection terminating on our Airtel Intelligent VPN CPE will have to be managed by the customer themselves. This will apply only to the link and not the Airtel Intelligent VPN CPE.