Digital connection for all your voice communication needs

Businesses are continuously on a hunt for feasible, reliable, and proven solutions to support their voice and data traffic requirements. This is where Airtel’s Primary Rate Interface (PRI) solution comes in as an end-to-end digital connectivity solution on our robust network infrastructure. Airtel PRI runs over the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology and on just one SIP link, you can add multiple channels as per your needs. Each channel offers two-way communication.


Features of Airtel Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Consolidated Billing

Single, unified, and hassle-free billing platform for all PRI line extensions

Call Hunting

Provides multiple numbers to callers dialing the extension instead of routing the calls to the auto attendant.

Superior Quality

Ensures ultra-clear voice calls through digital lines compared to the analog trunk lines

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Get multiple extensions even on a single PRI line

Convenient Portability

Easily and seamlessly shift the PRI numbers within a city, without changing the numbers

Get the Airtel PRI advantage for your business

Pan-India footprint

with SIP architecture in 100+ cities

4,00,000+ RKMs

Unmatched reach of fibre network in India

Robust infrastructure

with SLA-based high network uptime

Widest portfolio of voice & data

services with successful deployments all over India



A single SIP line occupies a single slot as opposed to multiple analog trunk lines in a PBX, reducing the cost


Eliminate underutilization of resources and uneven call distribution to increase the efficiency and deliver an enhanced experience


Ensure greater call clarity than analogue trunk lines. PRI is also easier to troubleshoot


Use PRI lines simultaneously on different channels, for different functionalities - voice, data, faxing, video conferencing, and more


Highly secure and resilient next-generation SIP trunk services

Give your customers a better communication experience

Question on PRI?

Can I terminate PRIs at data centre servers?

Yes, you can directly terminate PRIs on any of our connected DC locations.

Does PRI solution offer redundancy?

Yes, you can opt for redundancy on our own network or any IP1 network for the last mile. SIP PRI also offers inter-city redundancy for Incoming calls.

Can I opt for single account billing?

You can opt for single, umbrella account or multiple smaller account billing per your business requirement.

Does my bill provide DID-wise details?

Yes, you can opt for DID-wise or pilot number-wise billing details.