In today’s connected world, communication is the focal center of all events, activities, and businesses. With rapid progress in technology, enhancement in communications is top priority of the day for all companies. Irrespective of the size of the business, enterprises are increasingly on the hunt for reasonably-priced, reliable, and tested solutions to support the voice and data traffic of their company. This is where Airtel’s PRI (Primary Rate Interface) solution can work its magic for businesses like yours.

Airtel’s PRI solution is an end-to-end digital connection facilitating concurrent transmission of voice as well as data traffic over a dedicated line. It comes with 30 voice channels on a single link, offering your business the capability of upscaling and the flexibility for using multiple channels at the same time. Each channel can be configured as incoming, outgoing, or two-way communication. Airtel PRI’s voice solutions can cater to your business, no matter how big or small it is. Airtel’s PRI solution is offered over TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) as well as SIP (Session Initiated Protocol).

Key Highlights


Single Consolidated Billing
The solution comes with one consolidated, hassle-free billing feature for all extensions of PRI line.


Call Hunting
With this solution, instead of having to go through the PBX auto attendant, multiple numbers can be used by outsiders to call the extension directly.


Superior Voice Quality
Since the solution uses digital lines, the voice clarity is much better than analog trunk lines.


CUG Calling within DID
The solution allows zero cost calling facility to interconnect all your city offices.


Direct Inward Dialing
The solution can offer multiple extensions even on single PRI line.


The solution allows easy and convenient shifting of PRI numbers within a city without even changing the numbers.


Cost Effectiveness

Your cost of subscribing PRI line will always be less than equivalent multiple analog lines. Additionally, you will need to pay only one consolidated bill for a PRI line.


You will overcome the problem of underutilization of resources and uneven distribution of calls with the PRI solution.


You can depend on PRI lines to have more clarity than analog trunk lines. They are also easier to troubleshoot.


From voice connectivity, data connectivity, faxing, video conferencing, and more, you can use PRI lines simultaneously on different channels, for different functionalities.


Digital lines of the PRI solution offer you the benefit of added security. This is because it is difficult to tap them and listen in on conversations.

Airtel Advantage


Pan India footprint in 100+ cities with SIP/TDM architecture


Unmatched reach with 3,00,000+ RKMs of Fiber network coverage in India


Widest portfolio voice and data services with successful deployments across India


Robust infrastructure with SLA based high network uptime

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Airtel PRI (Primary Rate Interface) solution is an end-to-end digital connection facilitating the concurrent transmission of voice, as well as data traffic over a dedicated line.

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