Today enterprises trust their Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to support rapidly growing number of business applications and bandwidth requirements. Be it VOIP, video conference or access to applications on cloud, the need for secure, highly available and mobile network connectivity has become imperative. But, legacy WAN infrastructure is not designed to support new age business requirements and is struggling to manage the unprecedented surge in traffic. It is leading to network management complexity, data vulnerability, and unpredictable application performance.

Airtel Solution

Airtel SD-WAN is a next-generation solution that makes an enterprise WAN truly transport agnostic. It connects remote sites over internet links, secured by VPN and delivers MPLS like reliability through multiple uplinks with load balancing capabilities, intelligent path control, and automatic failover. It brings the benefits of centralized management, high-levels of agility, and a superior application performance with minimum human intervention and minimal bandwidth allocation cost.

Business Benefits

Improved Performance and Agility

Better utilization of WAN links and efficiency through application aware routing and dynamic path control

Better Network Availability and Security

Centralized network and security policies management for dynamic load balancing, application visibility and control

Automated Provisioning and Configuration

Instant provisioning and configuration of branch offices with no human intervention

Optimized WAN Infrastructure

Multiple connectivity options such as MPLS, Internet, satellite, Broadband, 3G, and 4G to carry traffic, all working in an active-active model

Airtel Advantage


One stop solution to provide connectivity and SD-WAN expertise


Partnership with leading SD-WAN solution providers


Unmatched network reach with 3,00,000 RKMs of fiber network in India


Entire SD-WAN life cycle management including network planning, deployment, on-ground support and service management


Leveraging decades of experience of deploying reliable, high quality MPLS, Internet, satellite, 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity among enterprise customers across the globe

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Key Features


Application Aware Routing Dynamic routing of data packets basis application type, performance, policies, and path status


Multiple Connectivity Options Transport agnostic WAN connectivity with multiple connectivity options like MPLS, Internet, broadband, LTE, satellite, 3G, 4G etc.


Virtual Network Network services such as router, firewall and WAN optimizer are virtualized as software and run on a single multi-service device


Secure Control Policy based security, firewall, IPS/IDS and URL filtering as part of the base service with additional components such as DNS Guard and Anti Malware



Centralized Management Single pane of glass for all change management and policy needs of the entire WAN infrastructure, resulting in improved operational efficiency


Cloud First Local internet breakout for accessing cloud applications with real-time visibility into performance and management of cloud infrastructure

Frequent Asked Questions

How do I make my network ready for SaaS/ cloud application?

SDWAN Offers DCA (Direct Cloud Access)/ DIA (Direct Internet Access). DCA allows a remote site to access SaaS applications directly from the Internet. SDWAN permits only the designated application traffic to use the directly connected Internet transport securely, while all other Internet-bound traffic takes the usual path, which could be through a regional hub or a data center.

How can i simplify my WAN architecture and make it easier to manage and operate?
Airtel SDWAN solution will enable:
  • A Centralized Policy management platform which will simplify operational challenges resulting in reduced change control and deployment times.
  • Application visibility, Application recognition and application-aware policies with real-time service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement.
  • Dynamic optimization of SaaS applications, resulting in improved application performance for users.
  • Robust and comprehensive security, which includes strong encryption of data, end-to-end network segmentation, router and controller certificate identity with a zero-trust security model, control plane protection, application firewall, and other network services.
How can I consolidate WAN and security needs?

Earlier, WAN and Security needs were heterogeneous. However, with Airtel SDWAN, Security and WAN needs have become homogeneous. Security Features like IPS/IDS.NGFW, local breakout etc are available along with network functionalities in a single CPE.

How can I optimize my bandwidth utilization and cost?

A mix of MPLS, internet and low-cost broadband for any combination of transports in an active/active fashion will not only optimizing capacity but reduce bandwidth costs.

Would I need Internet at every branch location for the solution to work?

No, Airtel SDWAN Solution is WAN agnostic and you would just need connectivity which could be either MPLS/ Internet/Broadband or 4G.

Can Airtel SD-WAN solution guarantee application SLAs with a single centralized policy?

Yes, application aware routing policies in Airtel SDWAN will ensure the SLA compliance throughout the SDWAN fabric. This SLA class defines loss, latency and jitter thresholds which is enforced into the multiple VPNS across the SDWAN network.

Is Airtel SD-WAN an end to end managed service?

Yes, Airtel SDWAN is an end to end service where we would not only manage connectivity but our SDWAN expert will work with you to Plan, deploy and manage the SDWAN network.

Will manageability be provided for Non-Airtel links?

No, all connectivity provided by Airtel will be managed end to end. Any customer provided connection terminating on our Airtel SDWAN CPE will have to be managed by the customer himself. This will apply only to the link and not the Airtel SDWAN CPE.