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    22.06 /1 Month

Airtel DTH Tarang TV Channel Numbers & Price





₹ 16.52



Tarang Music


₹ 2.36



Prathana Tv


₹ 2.36





₹ 4.72

FAQs - Tarang TV Channel Packs & Channel List

What is the Airtel Tarang broadcaster packs?

"The Airtel Tarang broadcaster pack is a bouquet offering. A broadcaster bouquet consists of various channels broadcasted or offered by a particular broadcaster. For example, A Tarang bouquet pack includes only Tarang channel Tarang or Tarang TV. Currently, Airtel offers over 80+ different bouquets to users."

How many channels are there in the Tarang Broadcaster packs?

There are 4 channels in the Tarang channel packs. Every bouquet has different sets of channels for the users. You can go through different bouquets and find which set of channels or bouquets is perfect for your needs.

Can I add any other channel to the Tarang channel packs?

Yes, you can add any new channels to the Tarang channel pack. You will have to pay extra for the channel as per the a-la-carte pricing. You can add a channel to your DTH pack by sending an SMS to 54325. Type ADD .

What is the different plan duration available for the Tarang channel packs?

The Tarang broadcaster bouquet can be subscribed to for 30 days. You will have to recharge for the pack every month online or from the Airtel Thanks app.

Can I switch from the Tarang Broadcaster pack to any other pack in the middle of the month?

Yes, with Airtel you get the flexibility to switch to another broadcaster pack in the middle of the month. You can upgrade or change your plan online (Airtel Thanks app), via SMS, or from channel 998 on your TV. The due bill will be adjusted in your next month’s recharge amount.

What are the different types of plans under the Tarang channel pack?

There is only 1 bouquet pack under the Tarang Broadcaster pack. Listing a few here popular Tarang channel plans:

  • Tarang
  • Tarang Music
  • Prathana Tv
  • Alankar

In which languages Tarang channel broadcaster packs is available?

Tarang channel packs are available in the following languages: Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Odia, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, English.

Tarang Channels – DTH Broadcaster Plans

Airtel DTH provides multiple Tarang channels for users. It is one of India’s most popular channel broadcasters and now you can catch all of their channels, thanks to the Tarang broadcaster pack! Get the complete set of channels on offer from Tarang and maximize your entertainment!

Multiple language channels by Tarang

The variety of channels on offer at Tarang makes it a big favorite across the country. With a wide variety of channels serving up some of the most exciting TV shows in various languages, it is simply an offer you cannot refuse. Add this broadcaster pack to your Airtel DTH plan and make the most of it.

Airtel DTH Tarang Network packs

Most of the Tarang channels are available to subscribe with Airtel DTH packs. Users can either choose individual Tarang channels from an a-la-carte list or they can choose from a plethora of Tarang broadcaster bouquet packs. Users will also find Tarang channels included in Airtel fixed recharge packs. See the above list of Tarang channels with channel number and price to make your selection.

How to add and remove individual Tarang channels to my DTH pack?

If you have already subscribed to an Airtel DTH plan and wish to add more Tarang channels, don’t worry! Airtel DTH gives you the option to add Tarang channels easily. Follow the below steps:

  • SMS ADD and send it to 54325.
  • Send this SMS using your registered mobile number.
  • The channel will be added to your DTH package.

To remove the channel from your pack, follow the below simple steps:

  • SMS REM and send to 54325. Write the channel number of the channel you wish to remove from your list.
  • You will receive a confirmation message for removing the channel.

You can also manage your plan and Tarang channels from the Airtel Thanks app. Airtel DTH offers various packages and plans for its customers, including monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscription plans. It also offers various add-ons, such as premium sports channels, movie channels, and more. Users can recharge their DTH accounts online and add channels from several broadcasters like Tarang and others with just a few clicks.

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