With businesses going global, it has become crucial for them to connect with their customers wherever they are, without causing any hassle. From customer support to emergency redressal system, it has become a norm for corporates to provide after-sales service. With an international toll free number, businesses can let their customers call them, from anywhere across the world, without them paying a dime for the call. What’s more? You can route it to your landline, mobile phones or the PBX systems.


Helping you expand and push the geographical boundaries, we, at Airtel, offer seamless and hassle-free international toll-free service. Offering quick termination service with global conferencing services, we let you carry out all your marketing activities easily. Reducing your capital expenditure by leaps and bounds, we allow you 24/7 reachability with access to more than 130 countries.



ITFS access from 130+ countries across the globe


Carry 40+ Mn ITFS minutes monthly


Operate with 60+ customer at any point

Global Reach

65 Global PoP’s for Interconnection

India OG

Largest carrier for India OG traffic

India Strength

Premium India ITFS number with full country access.


India Outbound:

An Indian caller can call the ITFS number and the call will be routed to the international destination of the client’s preference.

India Inbound:

A foreign national calls the local ITFS number but the call is routed to the client’s private business line.

Global Services

A foreign national calls the ITFS number and the call is routed and terminated to the country of the client’s choice


Quality Terminmation

Global PoP’s to enable quality interconnection with the connectivity on SIP/TDM

Robust and Reliable

Smooth multi country origination
& termination

Subscriber Strength

Access to 370+ million subscribers from India and Africa.

Reduce Expenditure

Launch New Services quickly to keep your customers closer

Service & Support

We offer 24/7 technical and customer care support.

Flexible Models

Reasonable pricing structure, offering a win-win situation.