5 things to keep in mind before installing a home surveillance system

5 things to keep in mind before installing a home surveillance system

The security of a home is quite important. People invest their hard-earned money to build the perfect home for themselves. Seeing it getting robbed or vandalized is definitely heartbreaking. Therefore, a small investment in a good home surveillance system can help to keep you and your home protected from intruders.

Finding the right home surveillance system can be difficult. There are many options available in the market. Starting from the lowest price range to the highest ones. You need to conduct a thorough research before installing a security system at your home. Here are a few pointers you should consider before installing a surveillance system.

Quality and offerings of the product

You can get individual CCTV cameras online at very cheap prices. But you need to think if cheap CCTV cameras will be enough to secure your home? Therefore, you should familiarize yourself thoroughly about the product and the kind of features it offers. Any space, home or office needs a security setup and not just a few indoor and outdoor cameras. Airtel Xsafe is one of the trusted brands in the market which offer a full-fledged security system. Check if the security cameras have a good motion detection system in place. Will it send motion alerts in real time? It’s good if the security system has an AI algorithm in place to detect people and send real time alerts. The surveillance camera for home should offer the above features to protect your home and other spaces better!

Airtel Xsafe security system offers AI algorithm with feature built in for sending real time alerts.

The home security camera set should be Wi-Fi enabled and have night vision along with a good battery life.

The area you need to monitor

A home security camera set includes both indoor and outdoor cameras of different shapes and sizes. You need to decide if you want your cameras to be visible to others or be hidden. Visible surveillance camera for home can discourage intruders from making a wrong move. You need to check the area which needs to be monitored to either blend in with your décor or stand out.

Airtel Xsafe offers 3 different types of indoor and outdoor cameras.

Indoor cameras

Sticky Cam (Magnetic base with easy placement)

3600 Cam (To leave no corner hidden)

Outdoor cameras

Active defence camera (your all-weather Wi-Fi enabled camera)

Wireless or wired

A wired home security camera set might be cheaper than a wireless one. But wired security cameras will be too conspicuous. Additionally, wires ruin the aesthetic of your home and take more time to transmit data. Airtel’s home security camera set is totally wireless and is Wi-Fi enabled. The data is transmitted easily to a connected device without any interruptions or delay.

The storage and backup option

It is important to take a trial run with any security camera to check the quality of the recorded feed. Not all cameras give you a clear feed. Airtel cameras offer you a full HD view so that you don’t miss a single detail. Moreover, security footage needs to be recorded and stored in case you need to analyze the feed later on. Taking an individual camera and installing it won’t do the trick. You need to go for a full-fledged security plan like Airtel Xsafe to enjoy features like saving videos and photos captured by your camera or sharing them with your family, neighbours, or local law enforcement authority. The Xsafe plan also offers a unique feature of multiple viewing.

Keep the above factors in mind before installing a home surveillance system for securing your home. If you are looking for a trustworthy security plan, Airtel Xsafe is the perfect plan for you. Visit Airtel Xsafe website to know more!

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  • Outdoor camera

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