Differences between Surveillance cameras & Security cameras for home

security camera for home

Differences between Surveillance cameras & Security cameras for home

Businesses and homes use two different kinds of cameras for two very different reasons. However, these two types of cameras perform similar functions in their respective environments. Businesses need more features than homes do because they deal with a lot more traffic and activity than an average home does every day. This means that businesses need more storage space, higher resolution images and faster data transfer rates so they can stream live video feeds over the network or store them securely offline in hard drives or cloud services.

Moreover, security cameras are also used by both small businesses and large corporations alike to monitor employees or customers while they work inside buildings. It doesn’t need anyone to watch them constantly like many companies back then did during the early days of security camera usage when no one outside except law enforcement was allowed to have access to this technology due to privacy issues.

Now, the era has changed. Security cameras have become more common both at home and office. Through this article, let us understand the difference between the two:

Business Security Camera

Business security cameras are designed to help you keep track of your employees and customers. A business camera needs to have the highest resolution available to monitor things clearly. Also, Ultra HD 4K security cameras can reduce the number of cameras one needs. It also requires night vision capabilities because business owners want their property protected 24/7 without having constant human supervision present on-site every second of every day. Businesses will also look for motion tracking capabilities so that they know where exactly an intruder has entered their premises.

Moreover, the business camera requires a big storage space. Not all cameras have enough memory to record video for extended period of time—some only hold up to 4GB worth of video footage before needing additional memory cards or hard drives added onto them. Also, compatibility with the building network is a must in business security cameras.

Home Security Camera

Home security cameras need to be discreet, so they don’t detract from the aesthetics of your home. They need to provide good-quality images with wide-angle lenses, night vision capabilities and long-distance recording capabilities so that no detail goes unnoticed during an emergency situation or when there is a break-in taking place on camera. One of the most important features of any home security system for surveillance is remote video monitoring.

Now, let’s focus on the three major differences between the two.

Home Security Camera Vs Business Security Camera

Since there are so many different types of cameras available today, ranging from simple bullet cameras all the way up through high-end thermal night vision systems, it can be difficult knowing which type works best for your needs. Let’s focus on some major points.


Home Security Camera

Business Security Camera

Security Camera QualityThe quality of home security cameras is a little less professional than business security cameras.Business security cameras are highly professional. These cameras are designed to give businesses a wide variety of options to meet their unique needs like capturing license plates, night vision etc.
Physical build The quality of home security cameras is slightly less than that of business security cameras. These may also need repair services frequently.Business security cameras are designed with longevity and reliability. They are majorly made up of higher-quality materials. Also, before delivery, these cameras go under several practical tests that ensure their quality and surveillance power.
Flexible storage options for security camera footage The security camera for a home is not typically meant to handle large quantities of storage.Business security cameras offer a variety of storage configurations than home security cameras.


As you can see, the two types of cameras have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. The decision to use one or the other depends on your specific needs as a business or homeowner. In any case, make sure that the security camera you choose has a reputable brand name like Airtel Xsafe and is backed by good customer service. So that if there are any problems with the installation or operation of equipment, then experts will be able to help you out quickly without much trouble!

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