Easy ways to protect your home with a wireless security camera while you’re on a vacation

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Easy ways to protect your home with a wireless security camera while you’re on a vacation

Most of us are leading busy lives. From extended workdays to personal commitments, there’s hardly any time for a family vacation. Even if a few members of family, work around their schedule to plan a holiday, there’s always one person whose schedule doesn’t’ match. After long deliberation and rebooking of your hotel rooms, you finally get 4 days of vacation together. Now, you would want those 4 days to be relaxed and spend some quality time with your close ones. We want the same for you too! That is why, getting a wireless security camera is a great idea.

Every 30 seconds (30.48 seconds to be exact), a burglary takes place in the U.S. alone. That’s around 3,000 burglaries per day. With statistics so alarming, can anyone really relax on their vacation? With our Airtel Xsafe plan including security camera wireless you can!

Imagine putting years of hard work and money into building a beautiful home, only to see it getting robbed! Therefore, we think you should protect your home. Not just to have a worriless vacation, but to also protect a home full of your valuable things.

Effective ways to protect your home

As the leading security service provider, we know a little something about home security. Our Xsafe plan is designed to protect your home round-the-clock. Our home security system includes indoor, outdoor, and 360o wifi enabled cameras which give real feed in real time.

Install Xsafe wireless security cameras

Installing security cameras are one of the most important things you can do for your home security. You can choose at least 1 or 2 outdoor cameras supplemented by indoor cameras at strategic points. Cameras which run on Wifi or surveillance camera wifi have the ability to send real-time updates, and they really come in handy when you are away from your home.

Moreover, many cameras come with motion and person detection. You can get real alerts and inform your neighbours or the local law authority.

If you are looking for an advanced wifi-enabled security camera wireless system, our Airtel Xsafe Plan is the best choice for you. Let’s discuss the kind of benefits you get with our security cameras.

Perimeter Zoning

With a home security system installed, you don’t want to get bugged the whole day about any motion. With our Xsafe app, you can mark certain areas of your house. Only when movement happens in that particular area, you will get alerts on your phone. This allows you to keep the perimeter of your house secure and under monitoring round-the-clock.

Person and Motion detection with Xsafe wireless security cameras

These are the most important features of any security camera. Our outdoor camera can detect any person and any motion, big or small quite effectively. This especially helps in preventing late night break-ins and burglary attempts.

In-built device alarm

The alarm feature is the most effective way of alerting the neighbours and scaring off the burglars. All Airtel indoor cameras – 3600 and Sticky cam come with in-built alarm system. If it detects an unusual motion/person, the alarm goes off immediately. You will also receive a real time update on your Xsafe app.

Full HD video

Your security camera wireless should be able to capture every minute detail for detection of any suspicious element. Airtel Xsafe cameras provide you full HD video with an option to capture photos or videos live from your app.

Download and option to share the recorded feed

In case of a burglary attempt or any other suspicious activity, a recorded feed of your home security camera system can assist local law authorities to identify and catch the perpetrators.

Spotlights for outdoor cameras

Usually, a burglar refrains from robbing a house packed with security systems. Airtel Xsafe outdoor Active Defence cam is armed with two extremely powerful spotlights that scare off intruders quite easily.

Night Vision cameras on Xsafe wireless security cameras

Our Xsafe outdoor camera has special and intelligent night mode which only captures important moments in colour modes. Also, night vision helps in detecting unusual activities and recording them in complete darkness.

Other than the above mentioned, Airtel Xsafe home security camera wireless come with many other features like IP67 waterproof or water resistance, dual antenna, colour night vision, wide lens 130o and 360o, two way talking system, magnetic base with light weight, privacy shutter, and more. These all features work together to make our security system effective in protecting your home.

Additionally, you can also add the following:

Window and Glass break sensors

As the name suggests, these sensors assist in giving alerts in case of a break-in through your window or by breaking the glass of a strategic entry point in your home.

Upgrade the door and window locks

Don’t rely on glass doors and single doors for protecting your home. Install one more layer of security by adding a heavy door with bolt locks in place. Research online to find the locks which have high security standards.

With a security camera wireless by Airtel Xsafe in place (indoor and outdoor), high standard locks, and top-notch sensors, you can take a vacation without any worry. Your house is bound to be safe and protected, thanks to Airtel Xsafe products.

Protect your home

  • Armed with two powerful spotlights, Active defence camera works around the clock to keep you protected

    Active Defence cam

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  • 360° coverage with smart tracking and privacy shutter to give you piece of mind

    360° cam

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