Pros and Cons of Security Cameras at workplace

Pros and cons of a video surveillance camera

Pros and Cons of Security Cameras at workplace

Security cameras are an integral part of business organizations. It is mainly due to its key benefits of protection. Thus, many people often purchase them solely for security purposes. But hey, guess what? Such people often overlook the downsides of the cameras for obvious reasons. To help you understand better, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of pros and cons of video surveillance. So, let us find out both, the pros as well as the cons of owning a security camera at the workplace below:

Pros of Workplace Security Cameras

 It guarantees security and protection

You no longer have to worry about the security of your workplace. All thanks to surveillance cameras!

Installing a security camera at business organizations or enterprises is a great way to keep an eye on people entering the premises. This way, you can easily identify the faces of each individual at the entrance.

 It reduces theft in the workplace

Now, it might seem small, but it is a key concern among working professionals. Break-ins at the workplace are quite common. So, it is important to keep the employees safe against theft and burglaries.

The best way to prevent thefts at an organization is by installing a wireless security camera with advanced features. Why? It deters people from stealing, breaking in, or conducting any illegal activity within the business premises. Phew!

It prevents harassment and violence

We hate to break it to you, but workplace harassment and violence is an alarming concerns. Yes, that’s correct! It has become increasingly common in many business organizations, enterprises, and even multinational companies.

To protect your employees against it, it is important to install a security camera with wifi that captures HD-quality video footage of such wrongdoings. This way, it’ll provide evidence in times of need.

It boosts productivity

Apart from preventing negative events at the workplace, security cameras are also best known to increase productivity among employees. Yes, you read that correctly! Wondering how?

Many studies and research have shown that having security cameras in the workplace ensures that employees work at full capacity. They put twice the effort and dedication into getting things done (at all costs). It’s safe to say that employees tend to work harder when they know someone is constantly watching them.

Now that you know the pros of installing a security camera with wifi at work, let’s proceed further to understand its cons as well.

Cons of Workplace Security Cameras

It creates a feeling of mistrust

One of the many issues with surveilling employees through cameras is that they might feel distrusted.

Employees may see the security cameras as proof that their employers don’t trust them. Hence, they assume they are being closely watched by their superiors at work. This can be particularly true if employees are being monitored even in break rooms, gaming zones, or other areas.

 It increases stress

Now, we know that security cameras can give some employers peace of mind. But hey, guess what? It adds on to the anxiety and stress of the employees at the same time. Yes, that’s right!

Constant surveillance of employees can lead to increased stress, causing them to worry about whether or not their bosses think they are working enough. This, in turn, makes them question themselves and hence they eventually tend to work more than usual.

It promotes a false sense of security

An often-overlooked disadvantage of installing a security camera is that it promotes a false sense of security (and no, we’re not kidding). They can be a great tool to increase security, but they cannot be a replacement for the vigilance of employees and any security personnel.

A security camera only works best, if the employees are still alert about their surroundings and if appropriate security personnel is hired. Otherwise, the system is deemed to be rather beneficial.

In a nutshell, there are many pros and cons of video surveillance. But what matters is the security of your employees. So, see to it that you install a security camera with advanced features like an Airtel Xsafe Cam in the premises and buildings of your workplace. Thank us, later!

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