Reasons to install a wifi security camera

Reasons to install a wifi security camera

Reasons to install a wifi security camera

The crime rate in India is increasing by the day. Studies prove that the average crime rate has increased by 44.63% in 2022.

Thus, it has become extremely important to safeguard yourself from criminal activities with outdoor security cameras. They help in keeping criminals and burglars far away from your house.

Reasons to install wireless security camera

Let us help you understand in detail why security cameras are important amidst the rising crime rates:

Deters crime

As we know, criminals hate to be seen. It is one of the prime reasons why most crimes occur during complete darkness. In that case, an outdoor security camera with wifi comes to your rescue!

The implementation of security cameras outside the house helps in preventing crimes, such as robberies and other illegal activities. Why? Whenever a burglar finds a camera installed outside, they will stay away from your property due to the fear of being caught. So, it is considered to be one of the effective crime deterrents.

 Monitors scenarios and activities

Are you always worried about home security when you’re away? Or do you fear the inevitable when you’re far from your loved ones? Don’t panic! A wireless outdoor security camera keeps all your worries at bay.

It offers you some peace of mind as it allows you to monitor the house closely on your smartphone. Moreover, it provides real-time alerts of suspicious activities outside the house. So, you can regularly check up on daily activities and your loved ones when you’re away from home.

Wireless security cameras help in maintaining records

Security cameras are undoubtedly a great option to keep records of ongoing activities outside the house. For instance, you can quite easily maintain records of the package deliveries, and arrival of caretakers, babysitters, security guards, etc.

With a security camera, homeowners can maintain a record of whoever enters their property. Besides, the cameras also allow them to monitor how events transpire, and how accidents or unintended events may go. This can particularly prove useful in the future.

Helps in making the right decisions

A camera can record even the tiniest things, such as fights, disputes, and arguments in the family. Yes, that’s right! So, the next time you’re forced to pass a judgment on such petty fights within the family, refer to the live footage of the security camera.

The footage can help you in passing fair and unbiased judgments when settling disputes. Whether it is dealing with a situation involving disagreements within your family, employees, or clients, all your doubts can be laid to rest with the help of an outdoor security camera. Therefore, you should install a wireless security camera for indoors too!

Restricts unauthorized access

Many outdoor security cameras come with advanced features like motion sensors and person detection. These features help in raising an alarm whenever an unauthorized person tries to access your property.

Thus, it becomes easy for you to restrict the access of people you’re unfamiliar with. For instance, you can stop a stranger (claiming to know you) from entering your house.

The above-mentioned reasons explain why an outdoor security camera is a must for your house. It helps in deterring illegal activities, settling disputes, restricting access of an unidentified person, closely monitoring the outdoor activities of the house, and maintaining records of people. It’s safe to say that a wireless security camera is a great device for exterior home security.

Thus, it is important to install a good outdoor security camera from the best provider like Airtel. They offer an advanced surveillance system for the safety of your house. So, what are you waiting for? Buy an Airtel outdoor cam today with these steps mentioned below:

How to Buy and install  Airtel’s wireless security cameras?

Purchasing a wireless outdoor security camera from the Airtel website is quite simple. All you have to do is visit Airtel Xsafe and follow the steps given below:

Step one:

Open the website and scroll down below

Step two:

Select an ‘Active Defence Cam’ from the three options. It is India’s first smart outdoor security camera that can not only withstand extreme weather conditions but also keep the intruders away from your house

Step three:

Scroll down and check out its features carefully

Step four:

After going through its details, add the camera to your cart

Step five:

Place the order and login into your account by entering your mobile number

Step six:

Complete the payment process.

To sum up, outdoor security cameras are the best devices to protect your house against illegal activities, such as theft, murders, and so on So, buy one today and keep your property and family sound and secure from illegal activities. Hurry!

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