Xstream Smart Remote Application FAQs and Support

Can I use Airtel Smart Remote with all Set-Top-Box models?

Airtel Smart Remote app is designed to work ONLY with the Internet TV Set-Top-Box model from Airtel Digital TV and Xstream Box .It is not compatible with other Set-Top-Box models. Please ensure to upgrade your Set-Top-Box firmware to the latest firmware version to be able to use all the features.

What all devices are supported?

Airtel Smart Remote is available for mobile phones running Android 4.4 onwards.

Is the app chargeable?

There is no extra charge for using Airtel Smart Remote.

How can I connect my Set-Top-Box with my Airtel Smart Remote app?

The connection happens over wifi and Bluetooth. For the first-time connection, ensure to turn on the wifi and bluetooth on your mobile and place your phone nearby (within 20 centimeters / 8 inches) Airtel Set-Top-Box. Press CONNECT and wait till Airtel Smart Remote is connected to Set-Top-Box.

What is Remote Feature?

Remote is a feature that lets you control your Airtel Internet TV Set-Top-Box using the app.

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