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How to convert normal TV to a smart TV

The entertainment world is expanding and developing new ways to entertain the audience. Smart TVs are a step towards the same. Given that the audience today is gradually shifting towards OTT platforms for their daily dose of entertainment, a smart TV becomes a sort of necessity for viewers. Smart TVs are great, yes. But, they can also be quite expensive at times. Now, finally, with Airtel, you can get an effective smart TV alternative – Android Box.

How to convert normal TV to smart TV?

If you are wondering how to convert a normal TV to smart TV, we have just the device for you! Simply remove your old DTH HD box and plug in a smart TV box instead. Switch your TV on and watch the magic unfold.

How does an Android Box work?

An Android box is a set-top box. Just like one uses a DTH set-top box to watch regular network channels on their TV, an Android set-top box assists in streaming OTT platforms on your normal TV.

A regular TV doesn’t have OTT apps inbuilt into its system. The Android box when connected to your normal TV makes it compatible to support for these OTT apps. The box can also be connected to wifi or an ethernet internet connection to stream online content on the TV.

Using a good Android box, you can convert the TV to a smart one that supports 4K video quality and OTT platforms.

Features of an Android box that make normal TV into a smart one – Airtel Xstream Box

It is the unique features of an Android box that makes your regular TV, a smart one. The Airtel Xstream Box is one such set-top box. Read on to know its unique features which make it the best Android box in the market right now.

Best of both worlds – DTH and OTT

Many users still prefer watching their network shows with their families every day. However, one can’t also ignore the vast variety of content being released on OTT platforms. With an Android box, you can switch between these worlds of entertainment with just a few clicks on your remote.

Play Google Play Store and Airtel Games on the big screen

How many times have we wished, if we could just play our favourite game on a bigger screen?! Well, the wait is over. You can play mobile games on your TV with direct access to the Play Store and Airtel Games.

Built-in Chromecast

Most of the good Android boxes in the market come with a built-in Chromecast. The Chromecast helps in casting content from your phone to the TV. You can watch photos or videos of an event together by connecting your smartphone to your TV using the Android box.

5000+ apps and 500+ TV channels

With direct access to Google Play Store, over 5000+ apps in the store are at your disposal. You can use these apps on your TV. Be it games, music, or any other apps, it all can be done on your TV using the Android Box.

Powered by Google Assistant

Every Airtel Xstream user gets a separate remote for their Xstream box. This remote is voice-enabled and is powered by Google Assistant to take commands and conduct searches. You don’t have to type to find your shows on OTT platforms.

Backed by the latest Android TV OS

It is said that the operating software of any device makes or breaks it. The Airtel Xstream Box runs on the latest Android 9.0 Pie.

Better picture quality

You don’t need to buy a smart TV to watch your online shows in better video quality. Just take an Airtel Xstream box and watch your shows in 4K video quality.

Upgrade to Xstream Box

If you already have an Airtel DTH connection, you can upgrade to an Xstream Box easily.

  • Head over to Airtel’s official website.
  • Click DTH > Upgrade Box.
  • Now click on ‘Get Now’ to send an inquiry for the upgrade.
  • You will have to pay Rs. 1,500 only with zero installation charges.

In case, you are not an existing Airtel DTH user, navigate to the Xstream tab under DTH. Fill in your details and make the payment of Rs. 1,500 only for the box. For both scenarios, an Airtel representative will reach out to you to discuss the remaining steps.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and take an Android box to convert your regular TV into a smart one. Get the smart TV converter from Airtel, today!