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Connect Set top box to TV

Detailed guide on how to connect set top box to tv

Television sets keep us entertained all day. No matter how old you get, you will always find something to watch on the idiot box. There is no time limit as well. You can watch your preferred content on the tv, anytime of the day.

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In recent years, the number of channels available on TVs has increased significantly. What started off as a single black and white channel has now given way to thousands of colourful ones. Therefore, you also need to be updated with the latest technologies, so that you can consume the very best of what TV has to offer.

This is why, switching from a traditional digital cable provider to a set top box connection makes so much sense.

Choose a set top-box connection

With a set top box connection, you can watch the latest shows, sports, news and much more. Additionally, there is a massive jump in the overall picture quality too. They also help you to save costs, since you can pay only for the channels that you want.

Now you can forget endless scrolling of channels. Instead, maximise your entertainment with better picture and sound quality, from a selection of channels that you choose.

As a result, a set top box to tv connection can really bring the entire family together. All you have to do is connect the set top box to tv. And now, you will be all set for the evening.

Well, you may be wondering how to connect set top box to tv with av. Do not worry. Here are a few simple and easy to follow steps that will answer your questions of how to connect set top box to tv.

Steps to follow to connect the box to the tv

Follow these steps to connect set top box to tv:

  1. Firstly, determine whether your set top box device has an HDMI connection available. A few times, some devices do not support an HDMI port.
  2. Looking for the HDMI port should be easy for you. It is slightly misshaped and has a widespread port structure.
  3. Once you have successfully located the HDMI port on your device, proceed to connect it to the HDMI cable.
  4. Depending upon your set top box provider, you can have a single or multiple HDMI ports. If there are multiple ports on your box, just remember which one you are connecting the cable to.
  5. Now, you have to attach the other end of the cable to your tv.
  6. Since you have now connected both the devices with the HMDI cable, turn them on.
  7. On your tv, switch to the input settings to the HDMI port that you chose. For example, you will see options like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc.
  8. However, if you just have one port, then, you need not choose anything else.
  9. Once you have selected the correct HDMI input, you are done. The set top box channels will kick in within a few seconds and you can start enjoying your show.

Wasn’t that easy?

Which set top box is the best for me?

There are a lot of options available for you in the set top box connection market. However, you should perform a thorough research of all the features and benefits that are available with each product. Thereafter, you will be well-informed and get a better deal from your set top box connection.

You should always go for the well-established service providers in the market. For example, Airtel’s DTH set top boxes are very cost effective and provide superior service. Their DTH recharge online processes are also very easy. Regardless, understanding your needs and doing some research helps you get the better deal, always.