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Multi-connection with Airtel Digital TV

How to get a multi TV connection with Airtel Digital TV?

Imagine having not just one, but multiple DTH connections at your home! Sounds exciting, right? No more fighting for the remote or being forced to watch something you didn’t like. But is that even possible? Can you actually get multi TV connection  at home?

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Yes! Why not? In fact, today most DTH service providers are offering the option to get multiple DTH connections at a single house. Now with Multi TV Connection, you can enjoy all your favourite programs on any television in your house.

What Is Multi TV connection Offered By Airtel Digital TV?

Fighting to watch your favourite shows and movies with your siblings, your significant other or even your parents is a story of the past. Now with the option to get multiple DTH connections, everyone in the household can watch whatever they like as long as you have an additional TV.

Many service providers offer this facility to their customers. However, Airtel Digital TV’s Multi TV Connection stands out from the rest. With a few simple steps, you can get not 1 or 2, but up to 3 secondary DTH connections at home, apart from your primary DTH.

Airtel not only offers the secondary set-top box at a discounted rate of Rs 750, but also charges a much lesser monthly rent from its users starting at Rs 94 per month. Moreover, customers also enjoy other perks that come with a secondary DTH connection from Airtel.

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Steps To Get The Multi Connection DTH From Airtel

Getting the Multi Connection DTH offered by Airtel Digital TV is a fairly simple process. You can either visit an Airtel Store near you and get your secondary DTH connection with the help of an Airtel executive, or you could initiate the process online.

Here’s how you get the process for your secondary Airtel DTH connection started online:

  1. Go to https://www.airtel.in/digital-tv/multiple-tv-connection.
  2. Enter your name, mobile number and city.
  3. Click on the check box stating “airtel/airtel partners can call me”.
  4. Hit the submit button.
  5. Soon you’ll get a call from an Airtel executive, guiding you on further steps to get your secondary DTH connection.

Benefits Of Getting Multi TV Connection At Home

Getting one or more secondary DTH connections from Airtel comes with a set of perks. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Multiple Set-top Boxes

With Airtel’s Multi TV connection, every household can have up to a total of 4 set-top boxes including your primary set-top box. While Airtel’s primary HD set-top box costs Rs 1,000, the secondary set-top boxes are offered at a discounted rate of Rs 750.

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No Additional Dish Needed

Getting a dish installed and programmed is a tedious task. But with Airtel’sMulti Connection DTH, you can now get your secondary DTH also connected to your primary dish. This means no more hassles of getting a new dish installed.

Different Televisions, Different Programs

Every Airtel DTH customer now has the freedom to watch their favourite TV channels and programs on the various televisions at their home. All of this with the high-quality visuals provided by Airtel.

No Installation Charge

Get your multiple DTH connections installed absolutely free of cost.

Exciting Monthly Rentals

Airtel’s multi-TV connection now comes with an attractive monthly rental package starting at an unbelievable price of Rs 94 per month.

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The Airtel Viewing Experience

Every Airtel HD set-top box comes with Dolby digital sound and premium video quality, whether it’s a primary box or a secondary connection. So now you can get the same viewing experience at a lower price.

24×7 Customer Service

Just as with a primary DTH connection, even your secondary DTH connection is treated as the same. You get the same 24×7 assistance from Airtel executives on your Airtel Multi Connection DTH.


If you have an additional TV and are thinking of getting a new DTH connection, after having an Airtel DTH connection at home, look no further. Just get the Multi TV Connection from Airtel and enjoy the same class apart services at a lesser price. Go get it now!

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