About the Event

Airtel Confluence is the Annual Global Partner Meet of Airtel. It brings partners from across the globe to one common platform for reflecting on the joint achievements and building a shared vision for the future.

It’s about celebrating excellence in the work that our partners have delivered. It’s about recognizing the passion, commitment and dedication that they display every day.

It’s about applauding the extraordinary - the partners who have helped us be competitive and nimble, the partners who helped us deliver our products to the market faster, and all the truly exceptional partners who have helped Airtel win over the last year.

Taj Palace, New Delhi

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    Opening AV


    Keynote address by Sunil Mittal


    Africa AV


    Christian's address on vision for Airtel & partners in Africa


    Q&A session


    4G launch video


    Strategic direction for the year ahead by Gopal Vittal


    Dinner & Cocktails

  • Partner award ceremony

Keynote speeches

‘Airtel Confluence gives us the opportunity to get together’

Reflect on our joint achievements and talk about our journey together with you, our partners. As we build Airtel into the network of the future, we need a lot of help from you. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we cannot go to where we want to be. I say this with a great degree of humility that we feel extremely privileged that, you have chosen to work with us. The telecom industry is one of the most exciting industries. Every day, we add value to people’s lives, enable people to connect with their near and dear ones and gain economic momentum. Every partner has an important role to play in realizing this vision. Everyone should be very proud of the fact that we are making transformative progress in society by doing what we do for Airtel.

‘Let us partner together with the spirit of WE ARE AIRTEL

Our partners have been an incredible part of this journey with us and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing company that we've built together. As we embark upon a new journey to play an altogether new game, our partnership becomes even more important. Let us partner together with the spirit of ‘WE ARE AIRTEL’ to own this business with the passion and commitment it deserves.

‘We love Africa and are committed to grow in Africa’

I think our partners' support has been vital in Africa. It's a difficult market with high cost infrastructure, difficult-to-find skills and limited availability of experienced people. The cost of doing business in Africa is a challenge and is even more challenging today than it was earlier. The good news is that we are on the right track and on the road to recovery. We are putting our hearts together and our brand is now becoming really visible in many of our markets. We are committed to Africa - we love Africa and I am sure that our partners, operating in Africa, will love it together with us.



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    Airtel 4G launch AV

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  1. Stellar all-round performance across all functions
  2. Exceptional operational delivery on projects
  3. Continuously driving value to Airtel with new ideas


  1. Best-in-class metrics on Agility, Value and Innovation
  2. Senior stakeholder engagement
  1. Winner Nokia – For delivering 3G in gap circles, driving lower cost in U900 and providing VoLTE solutions to us
  2. Indus Towers – For significant energy saving solutions and speedy site rollouts
  3. Ericsson – For restructuring AMC in India, deploying MW rapidly and rolling out in difficult cities of Delhi & Hyderabad


  1. New ideas that have created value for our customers
  2. Brought a fresh perspective to challenging problems
  3. Restructured the value chain to increase system effectiveness


New innovations that have delivered:

  1. Sales growth
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Customer satisfaction
  1. Winner mCarbon – For the innovative Airtel call loan product
  2. Cisco – For exceptional work done in Self-Organized Networks (SON)
  3. Wipro – For delivering the solitaire and titanium call centers


  1. Developed a Win-Win commercial model
  2. Restructured the joint supply chain to remove waste
  3. Championed a cost conscious culture


  1. Value delivered through commercial structure
  2. Unique business model
  3. Strategic importance of business and value generated
  1. Huawei – For delivering low-cost fixed line products, Mi-Fi dongles at reduced prices and G-Layer CS Core, IN & MS savings in Nigeria
  2. Winner Intelsat – For a single consolidated bandwidth pool across Bharti and the lowest price in industry for VSAT
  3. MyBox – For delivering low-cost set-top boxes and for supporting the Make in India campaign


  1. Displayed speed to bring new offerings to the market
  2. Flexibility to respond quickly to the changes in the market


  1. Time taken from product development to launch in the market
  2. Compliance to promised delivery dates
  1. Bharti SoftBank – For bringing Wynk Music and Wynk Movies to the market in record time
  2. Comptel – For driving mediation solutions and rapid deployment of billing solutions
  3. Winner Indus Towers – For outstanding site delivery speed, enabling us to roll out 30,000 sites in record time


  1. Grown rapidly with Airtel in 2015
  2. Significant partner with strategic importance
  3. Has started delivering value and driving key projects


  1. Share of business growth in 2015
  2. Supplier positioning in Airtel portfolio
  3. Strategic importance of business and value generated
  1. ZTE – For growing rapidly through recent wins in Kolkata, Punjab, Haryana & Uganda
  2. Rosenberger – For rapidly increasing the entire antenna portfolio with us
  3. Winner HP – For helping us in providing low-cost data storage solutions