We are building on our core strengths to accelerate our business growth and seek new vistas of opportunities to deliver on our stakeholder commitments’ and thrive in the digital era.

Key Differentiators

Capitalise on huge residual opportunity
S-Curve on data
  1. India mobile broadband (3G/4G) penetration at ~20% (TRAI)
  2. Smartphone shipments show tremendous growth; smartphone penetration at 24% (GSMA India)
  3. Data traffic to grow by a CAGR of 63% over the period 2015-20 (GSMA India)
  4. Declining age dependency (UN Estimates)
  5. Industry consolidation, top 3 operators account for more than 75% RMS (TRAI)
  6. Increased focus towards data and voice evolving as a bundled service
Emerging opportunities with scale
  1. Scaling up payments bank, and non-mobile businesses to capitalise on emerging opportunities.
Diversified portfolio with significant scale
Profitability and scale across diversified segments
  1. Dominant position to capitalise with bulk investments in place
  2. Only operator with a diversified portfolio
  3. Generating significant organic free cash
Leadership across geographies
  1. Leader in India, #1 or #2 in 12 African countries
Leading market shares
  1. Highest revenue market share and subscriber market share in India
Team Airtel
Global team strength
  1. Won the Aon Best Employer India 2017 Award for innovative people practices. Awarded for achieving high levels of employee engagement, establishing people practices and leadership intent
  2. Our Teams: India: 18,683 and Africa: 3,928
Large-scale investments in place
Spectrum Bank
  1. Successful re-farming of sub-GHz spectrum for 3G
  2. Pan-India coverage of 3G/4G
  3. Highest spectrum market share
  4. Largest data capacity per site
Largest network of towers and base stations
  1. Over 95.3% voice population coverage
  2. Mobile broadband sites up 61% over the last year
Largest network of optic fibre
  1. Global and national long-distance fibre of over 479,856 RKms
    We will consolidate on our spectrum bank, towers & base stations and optic fibre network to drive future growth sustainably
Financial flexibility and balance sheet strength
Strengthening war on waste across geographies
  1. Consolidated EBITDA is up by 4% and consolidated EBITDA margins is up 2% Y-o-Y
  2. Africa operation turned into a full-year PBT positive (constant currency)
  3. Airtel Africa revenues grew by 3% (in constant currency – 15 countries)
Focused on deleveraging through strategic initiatives in Africa and India
  1. Realised around USD 3.1 Bn in Africa through tower sales and divestment of 2 countries
  2. Realised ~ USD 1 Bn with sale of stake in Infratel