Board of Directors

Bharti Airtel is an emblem of skills and expertise in various fields. The diverse board of Directors incorporates strategic leadership and management experience with expertise in the Industry sector, Financial and risk management, Governance matters, International affairs experts, Social and Public Policies, etc.


Purpose: Airtel’s Board of directors overlooks, analyzes, and observes strategies, performance, and governance in the company. The Board creates the governance architecture in accordance with the highest standards. The main responsibility is to align the company’s growth and stakeholders' interest with the right actions and objectives.


Composition: Airtel’s Board comprises 11 members, which include a Chairman, a Managing Director & CEO, three Non-Executive Non-Independent Directors and six Independent Non-Executive Directors. There are three woman directors including two women Independent directors.

Board Composition
  Executive Directors (2)
  Non-Executive Non-independent Directors (3)
  Independent Directors (6)
Board Gender Diversity
  Men (8)
  Women (3)
Code of Conduct

applicable to Directors and Senior Management of the company

Terms and Conditions

of appointment of Independent Directors