Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Airtel Managed SD-WAN

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SD-WAN’s Market Landscape in India

The SD-WAN market in India is currently in its growth phase.

  • Currently, 27% of Indian enterprises have already integrated the SD-WAN technology.
  • 36% of large enterprises have adopted it partially. These enterprises plan to expand SD-WAN solutions further within their existing infrastructure to scale their technologies.
  • Moreover, 58% of Indian enterprises will likely deploy SD-WAN solutions by 2026.

Three key factors that’s driving SD-WAN adoption in India.

  1. Agility:

    Demand for next-generation digital solutions is surging as BFSI enterprises navigate Banking 5.0. Here, new technologies such as AI and automation come into play for enterprises to modernize their infrastructure, become agile, and build resilience. Banks are leveraging AI to enhance customer service, provide personalized investment recommendations, detect fraudulent activities, and streamline KYC processes. However, functioning with these advanced technologies requires a robust network system. Airtel SD-WAN’s single-pane-of-glass management provides a centralized network view for seamless integration and faster processing. This slashes deployment time to mere hours and maintains cost efficiency.

  2. Flexibility:

    Cloud solutions are the next frontier for BFSI organizations to build a hybrid IT infrastructure, provide real-time customer service, and leverage big data analytics. Dynamic path selection, one of SD-WAN’s key capabilities, is a critical component of the enterprise’s planned shift to the cloud. Through intelligent routing of traffic, Airtel SD-WAN ensures a secured network, greater control over data, and network slicing to create isolated segments.

  3. Security:

    One of the major obstacles to effectively implementing cloud solutions is the risk of network breaches. To tackle this, the Airtel SD-WAN solution offers advanced, multi-layer network security and diversity, real-time centralized data monitoring, and enhanced application performance.

Why Airtel is the Right Managed SD-WAN Partner for Your Business

Airtel Managed SD-WAN provides a robust network infrastructure to boost organizations’ IT capabilities. It provides significant benefits, such as

  • Improved cloud connectivity across multiple sites, factories and outlets
  • Optimized IIOT across different operations and locations, reducing opex and capex time
  • Increased network efficiency, security and scalability
  • Reduced latency
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Simplified and centralized network management

Enterprises seeking innovation, responsiveness, and reliability can benefit from Airtel’s SD-WAN solution in the following ways:

1. End-to-End SD-WAN Solution

Airtel provides customized SD-WAN solutions to enterprises based on their business requirements and scalability goals. We use an end-to-end approach to offer holistic SD-WAN solutions to our customers and ensure seamless lifecycle management.

Our services include network planning, deployment, on-ground support, and service management. We also deliver the best solution by combining our network’s expertise and resources with the world’s leading OEMs.

Airtel SD-WAN also supports AI for IT Operations (AIOps) to automate network troubleshooting.

2. Speed and Cost Effectiveness

Airtel Managed SD-WAN is a single-point solution for automated, optimized, and secure connectivity. Its centrally managed software provides seamless integration and intelligent routing.

A leading Indian bank with over 100 million customers and 45,000+ employees across 5000+ branches streamlined its entire network with Airtel SD-WAN. It optimized application performance through real-time visibility and centralized control. The bank also migrated seamlessly to a public cloud and implemented granular security policies.

Airtel reduces the cost and operations burden on enterprises by creating a simplified infrastructure. It eliminates reliance on traditional MPLS connectivity and multiple vendors, reducing network expenditures by 35%-40%.

3. Centralized Network Management

According to IDC’s SD-WAN Survey, 2021, the ability to have centralized policy management across the WAN is the highest motivating factor among enterprises for SD-WAN deployment.

Airtel Managed SD-WAN offers an automated and centrally managed network for enhanced connectivity and streamlined traffic flow. It also mitigates the trombone effect (when data is transferred through an elongated path, causing latency), balances application load, and provides quick and equal access to all users connected to a network.

We combine scale technology and communications, enabling smooth SD-WAN deployment. Our managed SD-WAN acts like a traffic manager, streamlining communications and routing traffic intelligently across different network connections.

Airtel also offers an all-in-one centralized box solution, a unified network, and firewall features for advanced security. It reduces dependency on multiple devices and increases agility.

4. Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Enterprises can leverage advanced data analytics and reporting on Airtel Managed SD-WAN for intelligent steering of application traffic across different paths and resources. Airtel’s analytics and reporting features include:

  • Personalized dashboard views
  • Application wise reports
  • Network and branch application discovery reports
  • Network performance and traffic visualization report
  • Branch alarm and status
  • In-depth network visibility reports

5. Enhanced Connectivity and Cloud Access

Airtel SD-WAN solution provides enhanced cloud connectivity and real-time performance visibility to make informed decisions and mitigate risks. Our local breakout internet traffic feature reduces the load on the MPLS. Moreover, Airtel reduces network redundancy by providing multiple connectivity options, including MPLS, LTE, and broadband networks.

6. Zero-Day Delivery

We ensure zero-day delivery of SD-WAN solutions, which helps enterprises achieve faster time-to-market or enables them to set up a new brand within days. Enterprises can also set up branches 50% faster than with other SD-WAN solutions and even scale several branches simultaneously.

7. Last-Mile Connectivity

Airtel provides last-mile connectivity at all branches and still ensures resilience and agility. This helps organizations check performance at the granular level and address blackouts (no service) and brownouts (performance degradation).

8. Advance Network Security

The IDC survey also reveals that application and network security are the most important components of SD-WAN deployment. In Airtel’s Managed SD-WAN solution, all communication points are secured with end-to-end encryption to prevent data loss. We also integrate Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for enhanced security functionalities such as secure web gateway, zero-trust network access, cloud access security broker, and firewall-as-service.

Make Way for Smarter Business with Airtel Managed SD-WAN Solution

Airtel focuses on three leading SD-WAN demand factors—skill, speed, and customization, making it a leading SD-WAN player. One in four brands relies on Airtel Managed SD-WAN.

Our end-to-end SD-WAN solution offers better network visibility, simplified network management, and optimal performance.

Integrate Airtel’s SD-WAN solution to increase business agility and flexibility, and enable faster innovation and growth.