Importance of Uninterrupted Internet Connection for Your Business

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Uninterrupted Internet Connection

Why is Uninterrupted Internet Access Important in India?

An uninterrupted internet connection opens the door to easier coordination with clients, suppliers, and employees. In India, multiple metropolitan states are under lockdown, due to which several sectors are operating online.

An economic survey highlights that over 14,000 new start-ups will initiate in 2021-22. These businesses are highly reliant upon the internet to create visibility for themselves. Major sectors such as e-commerce, media publications, education and others are dependent on having a stable internet connection.

Broadband is a viable productivity tool that facilitates uninterrupted internet connection anywhere. Airtel possesses thousands of network towers spread out in India, which guarantees no chances of deadbeat connections.

Benefits of Having a Continuous Internet Connection

  1. Seamless Video Conferences: Since work from home has increased in India, leaders expect video conferencing to replace face-to-face meetings. It eliminates location barriers and facilitates work delegation for small and large businesses. A broadband connection utilises a robust tier-1 IP network for seamless video content delivery.
  2. Increased Work Efficiency: Internet efficiency is inevitable to increase with faster internet. Greater connectivity to team members and accessibility to useful information is enabled, which empower learning, connectivity, and interactiveness. Teamwork is facilitated as well as messaging, sharing worksheets, timetables, and more is made easy.
  3. Improved Cloud Experience: Today, sharing videos, media files, and documents are all necessary parts of daily activities. Having access to these elements on the cloud is easier with an uninterrupted internet connection. Companies have sensitive data for their strategies and unique intellectual properties. Access to cloud storage drives allows data to be safeguarded.
  4. Unlimited Streaming: Uninterrupted internet facilitates improved employee growth activities. Employees have unhindered access to online training and development programs created by HR professionals. Airtel Office Internet provides facilities such as Google Workspace, which enables calendar meets and chat communications. Moreover, Contacts are made simpler through it.
  5. Optimised social media: Today, business CEOs & CFOs can go live on social media through IGTVs and more. The live sessions help connect with stakeholders, including consumers, and collect information on competitors. Getting live updates and seamless connections to these and the latest news are essential for staying ahead in the market.
  6. Live Tests: HR individuals can perform on-spot test assessments through live tests on video. Moreover, real-time answers from prospective candidates can be achieved through an uninterrupted internet connection on both ends. A larger number of candidates can be recruited for businesses this way.

Consequences of Interrupted Internet Connections in the 21st Century

  • Reduced Productivity: Decreased productivity for real-time deadline-focused projects is a major issue for businesses. Interruptions in internet connection can cause disruption. Moreover, if a project has multiple employees connected to its flow, a single individual suffering from poor internet connection can hamper the outcomes of others. This is why high-speed internet access is important. Broadband such as Airtel Office Internet uses service reliability by providing superior uptime, which is backed by SLAs and 24×7 support.
  • Customer Complaints: More and more individuals are using the internet to connect to businesses. Customers with grievances are filling in chat boxes and emails with queries and complaints. Interrupted internet causes urgent complaints to be overlooked. In the age of social media posting, customers need more specific care. An uninterrupted internet needs to be present to achieve this.
  • Unclear Messaging and Communication: Video conferences are common now in the work-from-home situation created in India. Poor internet connection can cause blurry video output and audio lags, risking clarity in important messages from the business heads. In addition, it can reduce productivity and can create situations where the management has to repeat itself.

How to Get an Uninterrupted Internet Connection

Interrupted internet connectivity can cause panic. However, remembering the following list can help you brainstorm the situation to deal with it better. Some ways of making your internet connection faster and more stable include:

  • Positioning Your Router: Placing the router in a central location is vital to have Wi-Fi signals without disruption. The presence of excessive walls can create hurdles for electromagnetic waves to pass. The closer you can put the router to your device, the more improved will be the quality of video calling and messaging.
  • Shutting down unused devices: Unused devices must be switched off to avoid a decrease in the internet speed. Checking the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi allows understanding of which devices need to be disconnected.
  • Updating the router firmware: Firmware update must be performed consistently to remove unnecessary bugs. This is a necessary cost as the internet evolves and data transfers require higher bandwidth capability machines.
  • Ensuring up-to-date antivirus software: An antivirus helps you stay protected from malware and other viruses. Viruses slow down your internet speed, causing disruptions. A good antivirus can scan and help in running programs smoothly.
  • Choosing the correct broadband: Choosing the correct broadband internet plan is important. Many options are present in the market today; however, one of the best options might be Airtel Internet Office which offers unlimited plans, starting from INR 999.

It has high-reliability performance and can help you scale your business with speeds ranging from 2 Mbps to 200 Gbps. Its packages include features such as Google Workspace for businesses. Airtel provides free antivirus support through Kaspersky as well.

Final thoughts

Today, an uninterrupted internet connection is indispensable for businesses with remote operations becoming the new normal. Businesses are providing access to product data through websites and social media. For a competitive edge to be created, fast internet is necessary. Good broadband allows a business to stay connected to its clients, suppliers, employees, and investors.