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What is a wifi extender

How to boost or check Wifi signal strength- read on!

Communication is key to our modern lifestyle. We need to stay constantly in touch with the people around us. Being connected to the people in our professional and personal lives is of high importance. In the current age, the internet is one of the key pieces of technology that helps us in better communication.

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Without steady and round-the-clock internet, it would be almost impossible to communicate. Our laptops, smartphones and other tech would be rendered useless. Therefore, it is important to have a strong internet connection at all times.

Getting a broadband internet connection for your home is one of the most effective ways to get stable internet. It is definitely an upgrade over mobile data. Moreover, the unlimited data packs also ensure that you can surf the web as much as you want. There is no limit!

However, your wifi signal’s strength can be quite an issue. So, if you are looking for effective ways on how to boost wifi signal or how to improve wifi signal, then do not worry. We have got you covered.

How to check wifi signal strength

There are two ways to check wifi signal strength. On one hand, you can use your smartphone to determine the signal strength. On the other, you can conduct a speed test to see how strong your wifi connection really is.

Here’s how to check the wifi signal strength on your smartphone status bar:

  1. Ensure you have connected your smartphone to the wifi network
  2. Now check the wifi signal bar
  3. If you are receiving a strong signal, then the wifi bar will be full. Else, it will be half empty or even lower
  4. If the bar is low, that means you aren’t getting sufficient signal from your wifi. In such a case, you will have to change the position of the router to get better speed on your smartphone

Now you can also conduct a speed test to see the speeds you’re getting from your broadband. Here’s how:

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet via the wifi
  2. Open the following link: https://www.airtel.in/speedtest/
  3. Now click on start and wait until the speed test is completed
  4. Once the test is done, you’ll be able to gauge the strength of the wifi signal on your device

How to increase wifi signal strength

Terms such as how to extend wifi signal and how to boost wifi signal through walls are very commonly searched by people. Here are a couple of nifty tricks that you can use to improve the wifi signal in your home:

Get a wifi repeater to boost the wifi signal

Getting a wifi repeater is an amazing solution if you are eager to boost the wifi strength in your home. The wifi repeater takes your wifi connection and then pushes it further to the other rooms. This way, even the rooms where you get low wifi reception will now be able to access the internet without any hiccups.

Place your wifi router thoughtfully for better wifi signal

People often place their routers in places which ends up affecting the wifi reception drastically. In ideal cases, you should always keep the router in a central room. Also, ensure that there is adequate space next to the wifi router. The wifi reception suffers if there isn’t much room for the signals.

Ensure your wifi connection is password protected

If your wifi network is not protected by a password, then your connection is probably being used by others. Always ensure that your wifi has a security lock, and with a password that is not very easy to guess. Having a lock on your wifi connection also protects your data from being misused by others.

Get a faster broadband plan to improve wifi signal

Often, people think about saving more by opting to go for a cheaper plan. However, you should always go for a broadband plan that matches your needs. The cheaper broadband plans are also accompanied by slower speeds, which end up creating a bad broadband experience for you. Understand your needs first, and then go for a broadband plan with speeds that can fulfil those needs.

Choose Airtel Xstream as your broadband connection

When you choose Airtel Xstream, you are making the correct decision. Our unlimited internet offers are available across a variety of plans. This ensures there is something in here for everyone. In addition, the Xstream broadband connections are powered via fiber optic cable technology. The fiber technology is much better than the traditional cable broadband wires and the difference is there for all to see.

Therefore, choose Xstream and upgrade your broadband internet experience.