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As society turns mobile-first, so do businesses. From launch updates to discount offers, information reaches straight to the customers’ hands, and SMS plays a key role in it. Companies are increasingly and rapidly embracing mass SMSes to connect with a broader audience more efficiently. 

The method is simple, cost-effective, and scales easily with expanding consumer range and growing businesses. While it sends messages in bulk, they can still be surprisingly personalised. Here is a walk-through on mass text messages, their benefits, and an easy way to adopt them into business.

Mass text message marketing in a nutshell

Mass texting is a direct way to connect to a wider customer base through SMS. It typically requires a mass texting platform to send bulk messages and a device with mobile connectivity to receive them. Businesses of all types and sizes use mass texts to communicate with thousands or even millions of customers at once. Companies use this highly effective marketing tool for:

  • Sending deals, offers, and coupons.
  • Sending alerts and updates.
  • Promoting new launches, collections, and events.
  • Seeking feedback to optimise campaigns.

Mass message senders only send messages to the customers and prospects who opt-in for the service. Message service providers charge for mass SMSes according to the volume. Businesses can choose a suitable monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go pricing to make it more cost-effective.

Mass Texting vs Group Texting: A categorical distinction

Mass text message service is an excellent way to connect with a large number of people simultaneously, and so is group texting. The two terms are often confused and even used interchangeably. However, there is a clear distinction between them and the purpose they serve.

Mass Texting Group Texting
It sends messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, creating separate conversations with each. It sends messages to a group of recipients, creating a thread of conversation involving every group member.
Each recipient’s conversation is private, visible only to the sender (business) and the receiver (individual customer). Conversation is a thread that is visible and accessible to all receivers in the group.
Businesses need a messaging app and mass texting service for it. Most mobile devices have a group texting feature. All users need is a telecom network.
Mass messaging reaches a large number of people, usually thousands or millions, honouring its name. Due to technical limitations, it caps the maximum number of recipients to a much lower count, typically 30.

Mass SMS: Boosting reach, engagement, conversions, and more

Mass text marketing is a smart investment that takes businesses to a large audience. It has a high success rate and delivers numerous benefits to drive business leaders’ decisions.

High open and response rate

SMS is the most preferred way for consumers to receive brand updates, capturing a sweeping 48% of the entire stake. Studies also show that 82% of people open every text they receive. It increases the possibility of a response, leading to stronger connections and more conversions.

Prompt delivery with extensive reach

An SMS reaches the target almost instantaneously. It helps businesses quickly share essential information and urgent alerts. It is marketers’ wonder tool to immediately send last-day sales, business updates, and more to a large customer base.

Concise messages

Most people, particularly the youth, have short attention spans. They are more likely to read short and precise content, and mass texting serves exactly that. These messages convey crucial information in the minimum possible words, making it easy for the users to read and respond to them.

Two-way marketing channel 

Mass message senders allow businesses to convert every conversation into a two-way interaction. They can craft messages that call for action to encourage customers to respond. It makes the communication more meaningful and engaging.

Measurable campaigns

Mass messaging campaigns are trackable. Mass texting platforms record multiple metrics about the campaigns, like number of subscribers, reply rate, unsubscribe rate, and more. Businesses can leverage this data to measure their campaign’s effectiveness and optimise for better outcomes.

Multipurpose communication medium Flexible

Bulk texting benefits all sorts of business communications and serves different teams. 

  • Marketers send promotional messages. 
  • The support agents inform customers about recent updates or shipments.
  • Sales can send messages for up-and-cross-sale and more. 

Customisation and targetted 

Mass text message services allow businesses to segment their target audience into groups and subgroups. It classifies customers according to their needs, lifestyles, demography, and other factors. It becomes easier to customise texts for these smaller groups to the best of their expectations. 

Scalable and cost-effective

Businesses can reach a vast and continuously growing customer base using mass SMSes. Unlike other messaging options, most providers do not cap the maximum number of recipients or have a range of thousands. Also, this scalability comes at no additional cost.  

Versatile features

Mass messaging goes way beyond plain texts. It has multiple features to make the conversations simpler and more engaging.

  • Two-way communication.
  • Multimedia messages.
  • Automation.
  • Easy integration with existing CRM.
  • Text templates and message scheduling.

Mass texting service: Job done in five simple steps

Mass texting is a powerful service, yet surprisingly straightforward. It takes five easy steps to get started and send bulk SMSes.

#1 Pick a mass texting service provider

The mass texting journey begins by finding the right service provider. Numerous options are available. So, businesses must weigh their features and price structure against their specific needs.

#2 Choose a business number

The next step is to choose a business number. Commonly, businesses pick between long or shortcodes and local or toll-free numbers. Intrinsic preferences and their campaign’s nature govern the choice. 

#3 Create and upload the contact list

Once the tool is ready, it is time to create the contact list. It includes the targetted current and potential customers. Most platforms allow uploading existing lists, eliminating the need for manual entries.  

#4 Draft the message

While it sounds simple, drafting a compelling message is crucial. Every message must be meaningful, resonate with the audience, and provide value to the reader. 

#5 Send the message and review the results

Now, all that is left is hitting “send”. However, the job does not end here. Mass SMS platforms offer analytics features to review the campaign’s impact over multiple parameters. It helps identify the right spots and red flags to optimise future messages.

Harnessing the power of mass text messages for business

Statistics reveal that SMS marketing tops the popular customer choices and is also extensively used by companies in every industry. 

Source: Finances Online 

Mass SMS adds reach to popularity to amplify the power of SMS. It is an effective, scalable, and affordable way to connect with a vast congregation. Here are some inspirations for utilising its full potential.

Promotions and alerts

Promotional campaigns and critical alerts are common use cases of mass messaging. Businesses frequently use this service to: 

  • Advertise products and new launches.
  • Send discount coupons or limited-time offers.
  • Make personalised recommendations.
  • Provide business updates.
  • Send alerts such as login or incorrect password entry.
  • Informing about restocking. 

Customer feedback

Two-way messaging and multimedia texts are outstanding ways to ask customers for feedback. Draft concise messages asking about a specific service and allow short answers, typically in one word. Feedback requests can take multiple forms.

  • A yes or no question.
  • A question asking customers to rate a product or service on a given scale.
  • A link to a feedback page. 

Send important reminders

Reminding customers about vital actions to avoid later inconveniences is crucial to customer service. Agents can send bulk messages about appointments, subscription renewals, annual services, and other reminders to many customers at once.

Reduce no-shows

Attendance is a major parameter to measure the success of business events. Businesses can send mass SMSes to all the participants to inform, remind, or give a last-minute alert about events. A welcome text just a day before the event reduces the chances of no-shows. 

Internal communications

Relaying instructions to the staff, discussing specific issues, or soliciting feedback is vital for optimising business operations. However, it is often challenging to bring all the teams together. Bulk messaging helps send meeting invites or employee memos to the workforce and supports informed decision-making.  

Proactive customer support

Bulk SMS allows businesses to send anticipatory support messages instead of waiting for their queries. Customers greatly appreciate texts reminding them about upcoming product services, pending payments, server maintenance, delivery, and more.

Acing mass texting with Airtel Business

One thing successful businesses do differently is quickly adapt to the evolving technology and customer demands. Besides sending timely and relevant messages to a vast audience, mass SMSes help build a strong, enduring relationship with customers. It brings significant value to the table by increasing conversions, enhancing follow-ups, and opening new possibilities.

Airtel Business is among the leading SMS API service providers. Our mass texting services offer every necessary feature without compromising efficacy and convenience. Sign up for Airtel’s SMS API to strengthen your business communication and expand your reach to a broader loyal audience.