Tips to Improve Customer Communication System

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customer communication system

Communication is one of the most important factors for the growth of any business today. Bad customer communication at any stage can break a business, while good communication can boost its growth to unprecedented levels. Communicating in the right way with your customers and being able to recognise their issues faster than usual and resolve them swiftly is of utmost importance. While doing this ensures that your customers are left satisfied with the communication they had for any situation, this also heightens your brand recall value.

Regular interaction with customers helps them determine the quality of experience they get from you as a brand and this consequently decides the future trajectory of your business. Communication is definitely a key to success and it is simple how customer interaction can be improved by following the tips below for businesses of all sizes:

  1. Ensure Local Language Support

Customers are more comfortable speaking in their local language. Therefore, it is better to first understand the language they are comfortable in speaking while you offer them support. As a business, you will always have customers that speak different languages. You should analyse your customer data and create language-based cohorts. You should then create support teams to provide local language support to the cohorts with a larger customer base.

  1. Offer Constant Availability with Cloud

Customers can reach out to you for assistance at any time. Your business should always be available to help them. Achieving this goal of being accessible all the time with on-premise customer communication systems can be difficult and expensive. However, by switching to a cloud-based communication system, you can always be available to your customers to provide them support 24X7. Cloud-based systems have high uptime percentages and very low downtime risks.

  1. Establish OmniChannel Presence

Every customer is unique. He or she may have a preferred channel of communication. It can be SMS or voice or video or event chat. As a business, you need to have a communication system that covers all the channels. If you ignore any one of these or other potential channels, you risk not communicating with all users who prefer to use that particular channel.

Therefore, businesses need to switch to an omnichannel communication system instantly to connect with their customers. Businesses can either build their own omnichannel customer communication system with SDKs or software development kits or integrate APIs for particular channels into their existing communication systems.

  1. Record Customer Interactions

How do you ensure your agents and overall communication from your brand side is in line with the customers’ requirements? By recording customer interactions randomly you get to hear in-person the tones and vocabulary used commonly by your customers. It helps establish whether your consumer communication is working as planned or not and the steps you need to take further.

  1. Ensure Privacy

Businesses have a dual role when it comes to privacy; to protect privacy of their customers as well as of their employees. No one wants a rogue employee leaking customer details or an unscrupulous customer bullying an agent with false threats by leaking the agent’s information. As you would be dealing with a lot of sensitive data, utmost care needs to be taken to keep such information of your customers and agents secure.

How do we protect both employees’ and customer data?

With the help of advanced cloud-based communication systems, businesses can mask the call details of both agents and customers and ensure privacy for everyone involved in the customer interaction process.

  1. Provide service faster with smart IVR

No one likes to be kept waiting even for a few minutes, especially some of your customers, who can be extremely demanding and impatient. Whenever a customer reaches out to you, your communication system should connect that person with the relevant agent quickly. Businesses can achieve this by using smart IVR-based systems to route customer calls to relevant agents.

  1. Solve minor issues with AI-based chatbots

Every day, a business may be required to respond to thousands of customer inquiries. A majority of such inquiries can be answered in a few seconds. However, if businesses have to allocate agents for handling all inquiries, then the customer service system will get overwhelmed.

To prevent this, businesses can upgrade to AI-based chatbots. Conversational chatbots used by communication systems can definitely handle any number of minor customer issues. With the help of chatbots, businesses can offer a seamless and real-time interaction medium for customers. These can help reduce the customer waiting time and increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Establish a Clearly Defined Escalation Pathway

Do your customers have to talk to 3-4 service representatives before finally being able to resolve their issues? In such a case, you need to establish clearly defined escalation routes.

Businesses can divide customer concerns based on priority. Minor concerns can be solved with the help of AI driver conversational bots. Emergency concerns can be escalated to special agent representatives.

  1. Measure and Analyse Customer Feedback

Designing a wonderful customer communication system is definitely not the end of your plan. You cannot miss out on finding out how you can gain maximum benefits out of it. Businesses need to proactively improve their communication systems. They can do this by encouraging customers to provide feedback after each interaction. Lay down KPIs and accordingly collect feedback from customers. Based on such feedback, businesses can fine-tune the communication system on an ongoing basis.

  1. Personalise Communication with CRM Integrations

Businesses look at personalization as a scalability issue. But modern communication system providers enable businesses to integrate their business applications such as CRM software with the consumer communication systems. With the help of these integrations, service agent representatives of businesses can have information about each customer at their fingertips. They can use the information for better and personalised conversations with customers.

These were some tips to help you kick start the transformation of your customer interaction system. Do use them and watch your revenues grow and your customers recall you as a consumer sensitive brand.