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What is Airtel IQ?

Airtel IQ is a cloud communication suite that will transform your customer engagement. Connect with your customers through their preferred channels - calls or SMS and mobile or web app.

Use our robust APIs and software tools to embed real-time communication in your business applications. All of this powered by Airtel’s state-of-the-art, pan-India network.

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Deliver unrivalled video streaming experience, at scale

IQ Message

Improve your customer engagement with our messaging API's

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Embed voice API's into your business applications

Leading companies are transforming customer experiences with Airtel IQ

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How does Airtel IQ help your business?

It takes your customer relationship to the next level by unifying communication across your business practices - marketing, sales, customer service and operations.

250 Billion+

Call Minutes

500 Million+




Airtel IQ is the best choice for your business because it is


Get robust and resilient connectivity with Airtel’s pan-India network.


Integrate communication seamlessly with your business applications using our flexible and easy-to-use APIs


Ensure peace of mind with our advanced encryption and data security measures.


Smart IVR for smarter interactions

Create multi-level IVR flows and contextual analytics to ease and shorten your customers’ journey to your representatives and services. Leverage Airtel IQ’s customised IVR scripts, menu’s and options to enhance customer experience.

Intelligent call connect

Route calls in Sequential, Round Robin or Parallel order to reduce wait time for customers. Ensure your customers connect every time they wish to talk to you. You can also control ringing time at agent level or session level to optimize customer experience.

Monitor your calls with granular analytics

Build your own dashboards for KPIs you want to track and gain insights into customer demography to deliver richer experience and take strategic decisions.

Turn your ideas into reality with configurable API’s

Define which participants to add and which announcements to play at runtime with highly intuitive API’s.

Integrate seamlessly across channels

Integrate communication modules into your web and mobile apps to deliver omnichannel experience, including a variety of CRM applications.

Facilitate secure conversations

Record and store calls securely to improve interaction quality with each communication. Keep your employees’ and customers’ numbers private by facilitating number masking.

Follow the steps to experience the Airtel IQ platform


Register and make your first call

Experience the platform with predefined call flow templates.


Get insights

View detailed call records to get customer insights like call status, hang up cause, who hanged up, location analytics and call recording.


Upgrade and pay as per usage

Will activate custom call flow within 2 hours. No one time cost, it’s as per usage.

Integrate any application in minutes with our full-featured IQ APIs

  • Secure, Robust & intuitive Voice APIs
  • Comprehensive documentation with sample codes in popular language
    • Free of cost, pay only for use
    • Fetch call recording, call stats, pass runtime configuration & more!
  • Expert team always at hand to help you with integration & support
  • Call report UI
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Question on Airtel IQ?

Airtel IQ is a cloud communication suite that allows enterprises to easily embed multi-modal communication like Voice, SMS in mobile/web applications using the highly robust Airtel IQ communication API’s.

Airtel IQ provides you with the following benefits:
- Hosting telecom infrastructure by incorporating a robust set of restful HTTP APIs that allow you to activate call and SMS functionality inside your application.
- Developers can use protocols and technology they are already familiar with like HTTPS.
- Reduces complexity and provides an efficient way to implement communication services inside the mobile and desktop applications for you.

Airtel IQ is built for the future. We have developed rich and deep capability in calls, IVR, and SMS. We also have capabilities inLocation, Email, and Identity with many customers using them. We are continuously working to evolve our offering so that a customer can easily combine them to drive the experience they want for deeper engagement with their customers. Plus we are adding workloads beyond these to address our customer needs.

In its first phase, the platform will support voice calls capability. It will support other capabilities like SMS, Location, Chatbot, Video, and Identity in coming future.