Gain competitive edge with the power of 5G

    High-speed, secured, and flexible wireless ‘5G for business’ is digitally transforming operational processes and opening doors for endless innovations. Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging 5G that fuels operational efficiencies across industries. When combined with advanced technologies like AI and IoT, 5G for Business can propel your organization into the future.

    Transforming the delivery of healthcare

    • Telemedicine & remote healthcare for geographically dispersed patients.
    • Remote robotic surgeries with greater precision.
    • Real-time patient data transmission between ambulances and hospitals.
    Connected Healthcare

    Unravel the potential of connected farming

    • Connect sensors in the field to help farmer make informed decision.
    • Drones and robots enabled farming for reducing human intervention.
    Smart Farming

    Convert your manufacturing facility into a smart, connected factory

    • Constant, dependable, and real-time communication between machines & humans.
    • Connect growing number of IoT devices, sensors & machinery on the factory floor.
    • HD video transmission for inspection & quality control.
    Smart Factories

    Revolutionizing the education landscape

    • Engaging and interactive learning through AR/VR.
    • Analyze student data to create personalized learning using AI.
    • Seamless interaction between student and teacher anywhere.
    Immersive Education

    Keep your critical frontline workers connected & informed

    • Critical information access and real-time communication for enhanced safety.
    • Responsive frontline applications like AR and VR providing instant feedback.
    Connected Workforce

    Bring agility and automation into your inventory

    • Seamlessly adapt and expand smart inventory systems as needed.
    • Automated inventory management like robotic picking and sorting to reduce errors.
    Smart Inventory Management

    Exclusive features of Airtel 5G Plus

    • Higher speed

      Higher Speed

      100 Mbps to 1+ Gbps.

    • Lower latency

      Lower Latency

      Reduced latency to 20 - 25 milliseconds.

    • Greater device concurrency

      Greater Device Concurrency

      Connect 1000+ devices per node.

    • Wider compatibility

      Wider Compatibility

      Compatible on non-5G device via CPE.

    How Airtel 5G Plus is revolutionizing industries

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    Reimagining healthcare with connected ambulances

    Quote5G can virtually transport emergency care services to the ambulance by remotely connecting doctors with patients in real-time to make the best of the golden hour. Airtel, Apollo Hospitals, and Cisco have joined forces to design 5G Connected Ambulances.

    youtube video

    Improving yield quality with smart farming

    QuoteTo boost the agriculture industry, it is imperative to empower farmers with knowledge and effective tools. Airtel has partnered with L&T and C-DAC to introduce Agro Smart, a smart farming technology, which is enabling farmers with real-time data collected through 5G powered sensors and AI cameras.

    youtube video

    Transforming education through immersive learning

    QuoteHarnessing immersive VR technology can revolutionize education, making learning more engaging and creative as students delve into interactive lessons. Airtel 5G's high-speed network is playing a pivotal role in this transformation, enriching the educational journey.

    youtube video

    Making frontline workers connected always

    QuoteThe frontline workforce needs better and real-time support from experts to restore operations and serve customers better. Enabled by the right technology and the power of 5G, workforce can perform their tasks more efficiently and safely.

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    Building smart factories

    QuoteFactories require seamless movement of goods across the shop floor but manual processes can result in errors and accidents. Airtel along with Ericsson is making manufacturing units safe and efficient through AI-enabled drones, powered by 5G.

    Why Airtel 5G Plus for business?

    • 5G Plus Technology

      5G Plus Technology

      Wide ecosystem of partnership across industries and use cases.

    • Network Slicing

      Network Slicing

      Customize bandwidth for different quality needs.

    • Seamless Handover

      Seamless Handover

      Enterprise-grade execution with minimum intervention.

    • Eco-Friendly


      The most energy efficient 5G technology in India.

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