Navigate network challenges with Airtel Global Connectivity infrastructure

    Our unique subsea and terrestrial network gives you unyielding reliability and limitless potential for your data. Choose the fastest, most secure path for your data by bypassing congested zones and unreliable land connections with our industry-leading route diversity.

    Leading telecom operators & OTT service providers trust us to chart optimal, risk-averse routes for their data

    • Bypass congested hubs and high-risk regions. Minimize latency for content delivery, ensuring a seamless user experience.
    • Reduce terrestrial dependencies, fostering continuity through robust failover mechanisms.
    connect global networks

    Every millisecond counts in the fast-paced world of trading, and Airtel Global Connectivity delivers

    • Establish direct access to top stock exchanges, significantly improving transaction processing speed and efficiency.
    • Reduce latency and accelerate trades, enabling faster order execution thereby outperforming competitors.
    global network connect

    Facilitate your enterprises growth in India with Airtel's comprehensive solutions

    • Leverage Airtel's extensive domestic network of 400,000+ route kilometers of terrestrial fiber.
    • Build a digital backbone on Nxtra's infrastructure, including 12+ large & 120+ edge data centers, ensuring optimal performance and scalability.
    global internet connectivity

    Innovate without borders: Collaborate seamlessly with global teams

    • We provide dedicated, high-speed, and secure links between your global locations, eliminating lag and data delays.
    • With investments in 34+ submarine cables, we connect teams across 50+ countries & 5 continents.
    global connectivity solutions

    Achieve lower network costs and simplify scalability with our partnership solutions

    • Our partnership encompasses consulting, design, operation management and restoration support.
    • Manage network reliability with end-to-end cable management support.
    global network connectivity solutions

    Exclusive features of Airtel Global network connectivity solutions

    • Assured Delivery

      Diverse cable paths

      Optimal paths bypassing congested hubs, high-risk regions and natural disaster-prone routes.

    • Near Zero Latency

      Strong infrastructure backbone

      34+ submarine cables, 4,00,000+ route kilometers of submarine fiber, 12+ large & 120+ edge data centers.

    • Transparent Analytics

      Smarter subsea cable routes

      Leveraging new submarine investments in 2Africa, Equiano, SMW6, SJC2.

    • SpamShield Platform

      Dynamic load balancing

      Don't let peak-hour data spikes slow you down. Dynamically balance traffic across your network.

    • SpamShield Platform

      High-speed secure connectivity

      Low latency cable routes to get your information safely and quickly to its destination.

    Impact delivered through Airtel Global internet connectivity

    • 35 TB

      capacity landing in India

    • 200+

      global MNC customers

    • 1200+

      global partnerships


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