Pioneering connections, unlocking endless possibilities with Airtel’s IPLC network

    Dive into a world of seamless connectivity, where oceans become highways for your business. Experience unparalleled speed, ultra-low latency, and rock-solid security across continents. Our network of submarine cables across 50 countries and 5 continents empowers you to reach new markets, optimize operations, and collaborate effortlessly, all with the confidence of guaranteed bandwidth.

    Businesses thrive in new markets with IPLC connectivity

    • Ensure reliable presence and seamless operations worldwide.
    • Secure smooth communication and efficient data transmission for accelerated global growth.
     iplc in telecom

    Low-latency solutions to enhance customer experiences

    • Deliver superior streaming experiences with minimal latency, even in remote regions.
    • Enhance customer satisfaction by fostering loyalty with a reliable and consistent network experience.
    iplc connection

    Connect offices worldwide with unwavering reliability

    • Increase real-time collaboration by connecting international offices.
    • Boost productivity by breaking down barriers with reliable global connectivity.
    iplc network

    Future proof your infrastructure with tailored IPLC solutions

    • Customize your IPLC solution to meet specific bandwidth, security, and redundancy needs.
    • Adapt your unique business requirements to changing needs with unique propositions.
    iplc services

    Exclusive features of Airtel IPLC

    • Alerts Management

      Flexible bandwidth solutions

      Scale seamlessly from 2 Mbps to multiple Tbps with low latency and carrier-rich connectivity.

    • Asset Management

      Reliable network performance

      Ensure high availability, low latency, and dynamic load balancing for uninterrupted, optimal performance.

    • Vehicle Tracking

      Guaranteed business continuity

      Achieve zero downtime with SLAs, seamless upgrades, and tailored solutions for uninterrupted operations.

    • Geofence Management

      Secure and efficient data transmission

      Ensure secure, reliable data transfer with superior infrastructure, cost-effectively meeting competitive pricing standards.

    Why choose Airtel IPLC international internet ?

    • Alerts management

      Global network

      Reach 50+ countries, 5 continents with our network spanning 400,000+ route kilometers.

    • Asset management

      Ever-evolving infrastructure

      Recent investments in submarine cables like 2Africa, Equiano, SMW6, and SJC2.

    • Vehicle tracking

      Power your terrestrial connectivity

      400,000+ route kilometers in India & 75000+ route kilometers in Africa.

    • Geofence management

      Maximize reach

      34+ Submarine cables, 7 cable landing stations, 3 minimum paths on every route.

    • Geofence management

      Enterprise-grade support

      Seamless infrastructure management with 24*7 operational support services.

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